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Comment Re:Some basic rules (Score 1) 373

>> your network card's MAC address would stay the same.

You could possibly have your MAC "reported" differently on every boot.

But you don't think they categorize access by site/time/device/other metrics?
So even if a different machine goes a different place and does similar things,
hits keys in certain ways, always uses certain words/phrases, always talks to
certain people ...

Just turn it all off and get a pen and pad.

Comment Re:Connected? (Score 1) 281

Is this like Windows 8 where it nags you to sign in with a @msn or @hotmail account?
Because I'm very much uninterested in having Microsoft follow along with my daily activities.

More than that; using their browser, their search engine and local search facility,
their anti-virus, all send copious amounts of information to Megasoft.
Using the default settings sends numerous types of data over the wire.

Comment Re:Diversity (Score 3, Informative) 287

>> many deliberately avoid academic and STEM fields because their own peers disapprove of it.

Break it down. Where do you get your information from? The addressing of any problems
requires understanding the framework in which they work, which begs the question.

Institutional discrimination, impoverishment from colony establishment, obfuscated history,
and extremely biased education create the problems you speak of.

In some ways, yes, the black kids you talk of are being told they cannot achieve, in
wide-scale ways, from their marketed culture, to their lack of family structures, to their
loss of history, knowledge of who they are in the world, and a myriad of other ways.

Understanding why these things exist leads to one of two conclusions: 1) that for some
reason 'these people' can't seem to get it together, either due to genetic or cultural deficiencies
or that 2) their destruction was systematic, planned, and on-going, in such an extreme way
that precludes all notions of a segregated society where everyone 'gets along'.

The only words of wisdom available now are "don't trust a conquerors history, listen to the oppressed."

Comment Re:Diversity (Score 1) 287

Insightful comment, but digging further you will find that that bias effects quite a lot more.
For instance, when oppressed people are required to put their race on a test, they do worse.
When children are shown white and black dolls, they invariably consider the white doll 'good'.
This bias is deeply rooted in American culture, language, and history, to a frightening degree.

According to other studie(s) a majority of Americans are subconsciously biased against 'black' people.
Some don't afford the system the possibility of reform, while others don't seem to do enough research.

Submission + - Goodbye Slashdot ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Censoring the story of SourceForge including malware in popular OSS projects is the absolute height of corruption that I've witnessed of this shell of a website. There's no reason to visit here any more. There are any number of websites that do exactly what Slashdot does, but better — often Slashdot pulls their articles from these very sites without much more than a two or three word sourcing. In the meantime, the one story that Slashdot seems to be avoiding like the plague, deleting submissions from the queue and Firehose as soon as they appear? The SourceForge malware story. What a coincidence.

Slashdot and its corrupt editors can all choke on the dicks they're sucking at DICE for pocket change.

Delete that soulskill, you money-grubbing cunt.

Comment Re detecting/creating (Score 1) 71

The primary methods of detecting IMSI-Catchers and Fake BTS's is described here (pdf), and due to the variety of manufacturers' baseband interfaces, there wasn't an easy way to uniformly detect these devices.

IMSI-Catcher doesn't seem to work on my old, non-GSM Android, but I've also found OsmocomBB to be interesting; it's an open source GSM broadband implementation that seems to work on some older, cheap phones, like some motorola candy bars; check out Catcher Catcher for more info.

In terms of the IMSI Catcher devices themselves, I've seen estimations of $20 to $1500 to make one, from using cheap RTL-SDR devices to a full SDR (~$400-1500) to run a full fake GSM BTS.

The legal usage of IMSI-Catchers doesn't seem clear to me. It is essentially a MiTM attack, which at least android devices seem to go out of their way to ignore. The law enforcement usage seems worded in ways that would just confuse 50+ year old judges. And they have to go far out of the way to make sure that you don't notice an interruption in service, by forwarding any on-going communications to their intended recipients and tunneling them back, if they go are run over time and don't disassociate.

I haven't seen any estimation on how often these things are used. Besides, hacked femtocell's are probably also responsible for a lot of these rogue BTS's; I wonder if that would be discovered with such detection methods?

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