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Submission + - Reddit has deleted its 'warrant canary' (

Arthur Dent '99 writes: Today Reddit deleted wording in its transparency report that would normally indicate that they had not received any "national security letters" or "other classified requests for user information". Such "national security letters" contain penalties for telling anyone about the request, as the government wishes to keep the request secret. However, because Reddit had placed pre-existing wording in their transparency report in the event of such a letter, they were able to simply delete the existing wording to passively inform others that a request had been received, without actually saying anything at all. This usage of pre-existing wording is known as a "warrant canary" to indicate danger, much as real canaries were used in the past to indicate the presence of deadly gases in coal mines.

Comment Re:So what if the world sees it? (Score 1) 174

Can you write to someone to let them know that? I don't know how it works in the UK but if enough people write letters about stuff in the USA then our representatives still ignore it and listen to the highest paying special interest group that donated to their campaign. Maybe things are less corrupt in the UK?

Comment Re:It all goes back to ... karma (Score 3, Insightful) 169

You can't just say "I didn't vote for this" and absolve yourself from responsibility. Your tax dollars are paying for this and there is something that you can do about it:

  1. Go here:
  2. Type in your info.
  3. Call each number and leave a message stating "I am one of your registered constituents. I do not support the drone program. I perceive it to be illegal and may constitute war crimes. My name is Doofus O. Death and I live at *your address here*."
  4. Done!

That would take 1-4 minutes depending upon which state you live in and how many representatives you have.

Comment Re:Too many VMs (Score 1) 384

I have done this on a MacMini before as I tried to simulate a network for a program I wrote, and I literally had to return the MacMini for a swap with iMac having top configurations.... Still had a horrible time with 12 nodes Regardless how powerful your laptop is, I dont think it can do 16VMs at a time.

The latest MacBook Pro has an 8 core i7 with 16GB of ram and an SSD that writes at over 5 Gbps. I think you meant: "The crappy laptop they issue for upgrading firmware probably wouldn't run 16 VMs very well."

Comment duplicity: local encryption, multiple backends (Score 1) 446

automatically encrypt your data locally and upload it to multiple locations. These locations can be public locations as only your private key can decrypt the incremental (or full) backups.

Some backends:

Comment Re:I choose MS SQL Server (Score -1) 320

do you know you can't rollback a transaction that modifies a table?

That is incorrect. No wonder you must have had a hard time with the tools if you don't even know the difference between MyISAM and InnoDB. MyISAM is basically BerkeleyDB with a server process over it. It is blazing fast for small amounts of data with low concurrency. It uses full table locking for inserts or updates. InnoDB is the engine that makes the differences between Postgres Maria/MySQL largely inconsequential.

The main difference that I see is that Postgres fans generally have the same zeal and lack of experience that Rails fanboys exhibit. I am not sure where you fall but you are doing a disservice to our community by spouting false claims when you do not understand what you are talking about. (That sounds like a rails fanboy to me.)

Comment Re:Ron Wyden Edward Snowden (Score 1) 107

They do not need to read it into the congressional record to be protected under the Speech of Debate Clause of the constitution. Listen to the first senator, Gravel, that ever exercised this right speak. He was uncertain of the legal grounds, so he intended to read it into the congressional record as part of a filibuster. This was prevented by process, so he called a subcommittee hearing and read it into the subcommittee record.

This senator now states that the supreme court ruling about his actions protects legislatures from prosecution when divulging state secrets in the interest of public debate.

Watch what he has to say here:

I can only find one case where a senator has tried to use this to get out of a DUI and his attorneys are asserting that the senator is protected under the Kentucky Constitution clause, not the federal constitution. The case is set to be heard May 5th of this year.

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