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Comment Re:Damn it, Torvolds! (Score 1) 661

4 years ago I would have agreed with you whole-heartedly! I loved my Toshiba Portege with a 12" 1400x1050 screen. It had high pixel density(140PPI) and a 4:3 aspect ratio. However, with the ability to snap a window to half of a screen in a lot of modern window managers widescreen is not so bad as long as you have a greater that 1000 pixel vertical resolution. I find myself using virtual workspaces much less than I used to because of this. In light of this I am more disturbed by the stagnation of pixel density advancements than the prevalence of widescreens on laptops. I mean... We now call 768 vertical pixels HD no matter how big the screen. How is that high definition on a 15" laptop? Especially when the taskbar, menu bar, status bar, etc take up 30 pixels each!

Submission + - Officially Licensed Settlers of Catan Game Board (kickstarter.com)

teotwawki42 writes: I've played enough long Catan sessions to desire a official game-board, but the tables listed on the Catan website were way to far out of my price range. I get tired of seeing kickstarter projects, but this is something Mayfair games should have published a long time ago. At $20 for the 3-4 player game and only $15 more for the 5-6 player expansion this is cheaper than buying the expansions!

The board is licensed and endorsed by the CEO of mayfair games.

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