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Comment Police become yet again more redundant (Score 1) 324

The article should say instead: "The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department knows that Pedobear is an Internet joke, but that hasn't stopped them from becoming a joke themselves." I mean seriously, you could be using those resources to actually bust real pedophiles and they do this? Good job policemen, way to earn your bailout money.

Comment I LOL'ED RLY HARD (Score 1) 164

I mean I get The Snoop part, he wants the money. How exactly does this get us to want to use that Norton crap though? We JUST finished celebrating that its not on 100% of Windows OEM PC's. If everyone getting a free year didn't seal the deal, you can't sell your product. Its called failure.

Comment For once people pay attention?! (Score 1) 187

I ride my bike a lot, and since hybrids have gotten more popular I abandoned sound as a source of clear roads because there really are times where the thing shows up. 100% eyes all the time... which is probably what everyone should have been doing in the first place. Don't walk out in front of moving cars, and you suddenly don't get run over by them.

Comment So basically... (Score 1) 186

They are suing smaller, financially troubled companies, while leaving giants that can actually put up a fight in the courtroom alone. Sounds like a real legit claim! Maybe companies should be banned from patent filing when they try crap like this (yes Apple, Microsoft, and IBM, I'm looking at you too).

California Legislature Declares "Cuss-Free" Week 262

shewfig writes "The California legislature, which previously tried to ban incandescent light bulbs, just added to the list of banned things ... swear words! Fortunately, the measure only applies for the first week of March, and compliance is voluntary — although, apparently, there will be a 'swear jar' in the Assembly and the Governor's mansion. No word yet on whether the Governator intends to comply."

Comment So what? (Score 1) 451

Thousands, if not millions of articles were posted about the "horrors" of vista. I used it myself and deployed it at the business I work at with... ZERO ISSUES! So yeah, I'm not even remotely surprised that things posted about Windows 7 are fake if 99% of the hate against Vista took 5 minutes to tweak.

Comment And this is still why, even in 2010. (Score 1) 368

The 70 year old professional photographer tells me there is just a difference and digital hasn't made it up yet. He isn't giving up his film camera and I really can't blame him. I guess this isn't the camera's fault and it shouldn't effect them if left unedited, but it makes you question if analog devices and systems should be abandoned at the current rates.

How To Replace FileVault With EncFS 65

agoston.horvath writes "I've written a HOWTO on replacing Mac OS X's built-in encryption (FileVault) with the well-known FUSE-based EncFS. It worked well for me, and most importantly: it is a lot handier than what Apple has put together. This is especially useful if you are using a backup solution like Time Machine. Includes Whys, Why Nots, and step-by-step instructions."

Comment Meh (Score 1) 251

To be honest, it doesn't sound that dangerous if it took that damn long to figure it out. Now it is, but its getting patched. Question here is, did anyone know about it before and abuse it while keeping tight lips? If so, they may really pissed to know its done.

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