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Comment Age Discrimination is Reality in IT (Score 2, Insightful) 543

This case is not cut and dried (the guy was already over 50 when he was hired), which is unfortunate because age discrimination is very, very real in IT and especially in the software industry.

If you in IT, and are at age 40, and have not been promoted to management, become an independent contractor, started your own business, taken a government job, or switched careers... well, you better look good in blue, because you are one pay check away from having no other choice but to become a Wal*Mart greeter.

Comment A first step (Score 2, Insightful) 2044

I know we're getting trolled, but it's too important an issue to ignore.

In an ideal world, we would tackle the problem properly by decoupling health insurance from employment. Linking health care to employment was the worst mistake ever made in health care in America. There are probably too many powerful lobbyist in Washington to hope for that to ever change. So we're left with imperfect alternatives. Such is politics, such is life.

And yes, this is an imperfect bill, but it's a first step towards badly needed reform. Is going to hurt? There's no way health care reform can NOT hurt some interests, while helping others. That's why leadership - political or otherwise - is supposed to take courage. Too bad we don't get that from our leaders.

Comment If there's no such thing as a bandwidth hog... (Score 1) 497

If there's no such thing as a bandwidth hog, then why are is anyone worried about "hunting" them?

Something tells me PETA is behind this...

PS: Yes we'd all like to be able to download 20 TB of movies a month for free. We'd all also like free gasoline so we can drive Humveees with 30 inch chrome wheels.

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