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Comment Re:An obviously bad move (Score 1) 221

Most people would agree that making extensions use a stable API decoupled from the browser's internals is a good thing for stability and compatibility in the long run.

The same most people would agree that linux should have a stable device driver API. Except that kernel developers strongly disagree.

An extension API that's both invasive and limited combines the worst of both worlds: interfaces that would better cut loose have to be kept alive and abstracted away indefinitely, and an extension developer is loosing the benefits of power and simplicity that direct access offer.

As to security, a rogue WebExtension can still do a lot of damage and I don't think they had an army of competent code reviewers that poor over and test extensively any addon submitted.

Comment Re: I'm sure he had nothing to hide (Score 1) 893

No, because Russia fully recognized Ukraine as an independent state, with Crimea included in its borders, something that neither mainland China nor Taiwan ever did with Tibet. In fact, Russia was supposed to /guarantee/ Ukraine's territorial integrity in exchange for Ukraine giving up all the nukes it inherited from the Soviet Union.

And the Crimea was never a "full" soviet republic -- just an ASSR (a kind of reservation) from 1921 until 1945, with another short reinstatement in the '90. Its current Russian speaking majority came into place after its native population (the Crimean Tatars) had been either killed or deported.

Comment Re: I'm sure he had nothing to hide (Score 1) 893

Albania basically annexed Kosovo from Serbia,

No, it has not. Simply because you consider Kosovo a puppet state doesn't mean that its masters are in Tirana.

Israel annexed the Golan heights from Syria,

Hoping to trade them for peace, like they did with the Sinai peninsula vs. Egypt

Armenia annexed parts of Azerbaijan,

Which happened before either Armenia or Azerbaijan were independent.

China annexed Tibet,

Tibet has been part of China since the Qing dynasty. OK about opression, ethnic cleansing, etc, but they did not 'annex' it in recent history.

Indonesia annexed East Timor

Which they never managed to fully control and in the end had to give up -- East Timor is independent now.

Comment Re:Doing it wrong? (Score 1) 600

On newer browsers, you can sleep in a loop, or more generally, "return" from an asynchronous API.
All you have to do is to wrap your code in a generator.

function sleep(f, ms){ setTimeout(j=>f.next(), ms) }
function wget(f, url){
        fetch(url).then(r => r.ok ? r.text().then(t => f.next(t)) : f.next())
var frame = function*(){
        for(var url in url_list){
                var text = yield wget(frame, url);
                more code...
                yield sleep(frame, 500);
                more code...
}(); frame.next()

It's a pity they managed to make it so awkward -- I don't understand why they have to take simple concepts from scheme or smalltalk and wrap them in obtuse abstractions (generators, iterators, factories, whatever).

Comment Re: Doing it wrong? (Score 1) 600

Algorithms using tail recursion don't suffer from that, but instead suffer from breaking if someone a bit carelessly adds code that breaks tail recursion.

I always wondered why nobody thought about implementing some sort of pragma / gcc-style attribute to mark a function call as a tail call (and let the compiler error out if it's not a tail call, or if it's just not able to optimize the outer frame away).

2) stack usage massively limits the possibility of threading (as a large number of threads means you need small stacks fit them all in the area the OS reserved for them).

That's one of the reasons why running the threads in separate address spaces would be such a great idea ;-)

Comment Re:It's astonishing that (Score 2) 319

The rest of the world was able to pass them by while you demanded that Firefox maintain compatibility with addons

Passed them by towards which end? Neither chrome or an addon-free firefox allow me to even stop/restart animations/timers, rebind keys or inhibit events from reaching the page's javascript.

They even lack features that were standard in ed(1) or more(1) since 30 years ago, like search in page using regular expressions.

At least on linux, chrome won't even let me stop the fucking blinking caret in the address box.

Besides, when will they finish their memory safe rust browser? I just looked at the source code of the 'nightly' branch, and it's still the same XUL/XPCOM garbage all the way down.

Comment Re:It's astonishing that (Score 1) 319

And even if you convert your add-ons to e10s (or designed from scratch with clear framescript/chrome separation) they'll still break it -- since 2017 they will only accept WebExtensions (aka glorified greasemonkey scripts) in their addons.mozilla.org walled garden.

As a user, I "migrated" to manually patching omni.ja -- and for the time being, I could keep doing things my way. I'm not going to troll/beg/implore them for features to include in their shitty webextensions shim garbage.

But if you're a programmer who has invested a part of your life in polishing, publishing, etc and being part of their 'ecosystem', you're pretty much SOL.

Comment Re:Mircea Popescu is a criminal... nothing more (Score 1) 209

Assume everything you say is true, it seems to me there are two outcomes possible:


It's not that simple.

OpenBSD already has an image problem; it has been already viciously attacked by various trolls, using means that border on criminal (like creating a fake deraadt twitter account). Unfortunately, most of shit thrown at it has stuck.

At this point, being publicly associated with such a primitive, obvious con-man like this "Mircea Popescu" may very well be the death-knell for them.

It's not only sad, it's ridiculous.

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