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Comment Re:Ban the use of faucets! (Score 0) 1005

Trying to claim that everyone that hears, sees, touches, mumbles, whistles, mentions, or thinks about a particular work owes you a license royalty for each and every incident is wrong.

Have you ever shared a book with someone? A CD, DVD, cassette, 8-track, or vinyl record? Or god forbid make a copy of one for a friend? Ever had someone come over to your house and watch a movie that you paid for but they didn't, or vice-versa? Guess what, the way they currently look at it you just stole, or illegally shared copyrighted material. Congratulations, you now owe them $70 trillion dollars. Because that one friend shares with his friends and they share with their friends. Pretty soon that little copy has spread all over the world. Companies are going bankrupt and people are starving in the streets because of your one selfish act.

Comment Re:We've had an increase in gas prices... (Score 1) 891

I wonder if it's because there are less miles driven per person, so the cost is increased to whatever you will tolerate. It would be interesting to see what the average mileage driven per capita is for each country, then multiply that by fuel cost to see if it comes up close to the same.

The fact that people are able to pay that amount in Finland leads me to believe that the mileage requirement is much lower. At 7.50 USD per gallon, the US economy would grind to a halt. It may eventually get there, but it will be slowly as people adopt more fuel efficient vehicles.

Comment Re:Expecting honesty from politicians?!???!?!! (Score 1) 630

The problem is the human element. There will always be corruption, it doesn't matter how many checks and balances you put in.

It's not like this problem just started. Corruption has been present nearly from the beginning, we are just able to hear about everything, instantaneously now so it seems much worse . Check out the history on Credit Mobilier of America. I'd argue this was one of the largest US corruption cases. Around 1864 Roughly $44 million dollars scammed from the US government, all with the help of Congressmen, a Vice Presidents, and a future President. That would be equal to nearly $1 trillion dollar in today's money.

So the stage hasn't really changed. We just are able to see more of it today.

Comment Re:Watching too much TV (Score 1) 232

No, if there is sentient life out there and a means of travel exists to get them here, where are they all at? I mean surely if there is one race, there are more given the 'vastness' of space and time. If they truly do visit this planet a) Why do they try to hide? b) If they want to remain hidden, why are they so horrible at it?

I mean these are life forms are supposedly so technologically superior to us it makes no sense what so ever. Why do they mostly visit at night? Seems like the worst time to remain hidden, because their ships are usually COVERED IN LIGHTS.

And why do they keep taking people for anal probes? They've supposedly been coming here for thousands of years, I think they would have learned all they needed to know by now.

Comment Re:It's true (Score 1) 669

What? Where could you have seen something if not in person?

Wow, you must really have been living under a rock. Apparently there were some inventions since you last stepped out. This one is called "figure of speech".

Comment Re:Is the gold rush over? (Score 1) 768

Because "shiny rock" has had perceived value since record history began and currently 100s of millions of people still hold that perceived value. "cryptographic hash" doesn't have value because people (at least, not enough to count) do not perceive it to have value.

Your comparing something that has been used as a monetary unit for 1000s of years with a gimmick that a handful of people are trying to get everyone else to believe in.

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