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Comment Religion *sigh* (Score 1) 921

I have an open mind and think about many things quite often, but I only believe in what can either be observed or proven. Everything else is a waste of time and effort. For me personally, I would much rather use my time for something constructive for this society. I don't want to believe something that in the end might not even happen. I would have wasted 10% of my life. I try to follow common sense (which many people lack). I don't need to know how I got here, because I assume we are not meant to know or intelligent enough to understand. I just make the most of my life here and now. In my oppinion religion is the sole source of war in the history of human race. Yes, there is racism, tribalism, greed and all the other negative human behaviours BUT if you look back in history religion is the one common factor. Religion combined with these negative human traits are a lethal combination. Religion is used as an excuse for murdering and killing. Yes, povery, disease and lack of money are all factors, but religion is used as an excuse. The hundreds of religions out there are just fairy tales made up by people who needed an explanation or excuse for why they exist, and I guess until we find out it will continue. At one stage people were killed for suggesting that the earth was round, so I guess in another 1000 years we might understand more. As knowledge rises, religion falls simply because we don't need excuses anymore.

Comment Sigh (Score 1) 106

I also hope that they'll get burned into the pavement. I understand the importance of wanting to have patents for intellectual property. However, I think you should only be able to apply for patents AFTER you have created some kind of working implementation of your idea. All these broad patents are just political bull dust.

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