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Submission + - Drew Curtis of Fark attempts to trademark 'NSFW' (

Kickstart70 writes: "Drew Curtis of Fark is attempting to trademark the term 'NSFW'. It seems a little crass to me, but no word on whether he's attempting to do it as a protest against ridiculous trademark law, or if he's just joining the greedy trademark crowd (but, FWIW(TM), discussions in the subscriber-only TotalFark have been deleted)."

Comment Re:US votes? (Score 1) 1867

but then we'd have to pay attention to how people actually voted!

No, it would actually come down to, "But then we'd need faith in the accuracy of our vote counters"

If you know that every vote is being counting properly the first time then election via popular vote is the perfect solution. But until that day comes I'd like to hear a better method of quick and (mostly) accurate results. Time is the deterrent this is senariro. The american people want to know who their next president is within hours of voting. Perferably without year long recounts. Would you like to multiply the Florida recount across the entire country? Because you just know what someone, somewhere would lodge a complaint and ask for a complete recount.

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