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Comment Re:I'm getting sick of these "studies" (Score 1) 306

I would like to see a study where random non-gamers are given a psych review and then given a month to play WoW or SC or CoD or such and then removed from game. All the while studing the effects, physical, mental, and emotional. I hypothesize that those with addictive personalities will become addicted. I also hypothesize that the games will effect all the subjects, in one way or another.

PS I also would like to see a study that looks at what happens when parents remove games from a gamer. (Not the morality, just the effects) I do think that this is a emotionally charged debate, and therefore it will take some time to get the whole picture...

Comment Re:Ban guns (Score 1) 2166

Did you read the first link? supposedly is a nonpartisan website. If I am wrong, please let me know. The numbers are very precise and as accurate as possible. The simplest way I can explain how I understand it is, "of the ~30,000 guns confiscated by Mexico over a two year period around 2006-2009, ~11,000 were given to the US ATF to trace. Of those that were traceable, 93% were traced to American sources." ~38% of total guns were traced. 36% of total guns were definitively traced to USA. Any other supposition is just that.

I seem to have googled for the 'vietnam mexico m16' link and didn't find an article within the first 10 results. Maybe you could send me the article? I will retract if you are correct.

Hey, to me, the second amendment means a US citizen can own any armament that a militia could field. Such as Javelin, M203, M1A3 (Abrams), F16, M60, Cruiser, maybe even a destroyer, Howitzer, etc.

Answer me this, if there were no controls on arm types sold to US citizens, would that make it easier or harder for Mexican drug runners to get RPGs and M19s? (also which a militia (well-regulated) could field.)

First you say "Gun control wankery" and then you use the difficulty to get guns as a defense for your position. Which way is it?

When does it become wankery? Honestly, If you answer no other question, I would like that one answered, I am curious on what your viewpoint is.

I agree that a gun in and of itself is not necessarily extremely dangerous to human life.

Comment Re:Ban guns (Score 2) 2166 Between 36% and 93% of guns recovered by Mexican LE are traced to US sources. How to make a AR15 into a M16. Seems to be pretty easy. Does this mean there were successful attempts? IDK, but it's been tried in USA...,0,229992.story This article says that many of the grenade launchers and rocket launchers come from south of the (Mexican) border, but note the gem in par. 5: "Some of the weapons are left over from the wars that the United States helped fight in Central America, U.S. officials said."

Comment Re:Burden of proof. (Score 1) 810

The way I was thinking of it is there can be an infinite number of squares in a cube and they will never interact. If the physical realm is measured in four dimensions only, then is it possible that a 5 or 6 dimensioned object can be really close to us in the four that we understand, but far in the fifth or sixth, so much that we never perceive it?

Or am I misunderstanding completely?

Comment Re:Homeopathic Medicine (Score 1) 430

That's why the statement, "No scientific study has demonstrated homeopathic preparations to have an effect greater than a placebo," cannot be factual if it's been studied 20 times.
But like I said before, I am disinclined to believe homeopathy's efficacy also. Just don't overstate the facts, that's all.
What could be said accurately is that all meta-analyses of double-blind randomized studies show no benefit of homeopathy over placebo.

Comment Re:Homeopathic Medicine (Score 1) 430

I'm not trying to contradict you, but the phrase:

No scientific study has demonstrated homeopathic preparations to have an effect greater than a placebo.

can mean two things.

Namely, this has been studied x times and every time the result was the same. where x => 0
So the catch here is that with your phrasing it sounds like there is definite scientific consensus, where there may or may not be.

There are scientific studies that show greater effect than placebo, but they questionable. Maybe what you meant is randomized double-blind studies. Search Google "homeopathy double blind randomized", from what I did find, none of them showed clear benefits, but read the abstracts of a few of them. Interesting. Some of them show some effects greater than placebo. The ones I looked at the benefit was not statistically significant, but hey, that would be a more accurate nuanced answer than

No scientific study has demonstrated homeopathic preparations to have an effect greater than a placebo.

If you want my personal predisposition, I was given homeopathy when young, but as an adult looking at the principle of it, I am moderately predisposed to disbelief.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 828

I have always understood sex (even consensual)to be mentally, emotionally, and physically dangerous. (Not that all sex is necessarily damaging) That is why I always understood pedophilia is viewed as wrong, to protect kids from danger they don't understand. Not that sex is mysteriously no longer dangerous at 18.

So to say 'you can't have sex with kids because it's dangerous for them' doesn't mean the rough converse, 'sex with adults is safe' is true. But it seems to be Conventional Wisdom...

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