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Comment What about donations (Score 1) 145

What about a donation system whereby one can pay to have the people running this download some documents? Three bucks would be three hundred documents. There could be options on which documents they'd like downloaded. What about a Make a Request section? They could even handle it like Miro handle's donations and put your name up when people see the document. "This document has been liberated by XXX." Maybe these aren't good ideas for various reasons and I just don't know enough to know why. Just throwing them out there.

Comment Re:I just signed up the competition... (Score 2, Informative) 362

AT&T Caps my bandwidth. They charged me an extra 20 dollars a few months ago for going over the limit. I buy their "ultra mega super elite" DSL service and upload an average of 40kb a second every second of every month. They sent me an e-mail notifying me about this wonderful little change to my AT&T e-mail address which no one fucking uses. I first saw the change on the bill. Thanks AT&T.

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