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Comment YES (Score 1) 1144

This person was "known" to the FBI and Local authorities
He was known to have been sympathetic to ISIS by the FBI
He had been brought up on charges of domestic abuse.
He was known to be unstable.
There is no reason he should have been able to get a license to carry let alone, have been able to purchase a weapon.
The problem is that he could have been flagged as a person that should not be able legally to purchase weapons or ammo.
We have a national registry for firearms we just don't use it correctly
That being said the black market would be the place he would turn to, to make a purchase. In this case the seller of the weapon should be held accountable for actions taken with said weapon

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 35

Having worked in an industry that monitored critical infrastructure equipment, we used to keep these behind firewalls in an RFC 1918 space.
The reason why they are connected is that these SNMP and Modbus devices are passively monitored for accuracy, trouble issues, power usage and capacity, But lately there has been an increase in active configuration through derived equations to shed loads , remotely start and stop generators, HVAC systems, etc...
Not having them password protected is an epic fail

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