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Comment Re:And this is what will finish them off. (Score 2, Insightful) 425

(perhaps even creating their own)

They already did create their own news syndication operation. It's the AP. "The AP is a cooperative owned by its contributing newspapers, radio and television stations in the United States, which both contribute stories to the AP and use material written by its staffers." from Wikipedia

Comment Re:Needs a "sarcasm" tag? (Score 1) 874

P.S. Her funniest essay is "I Like Babies". It's not what you expect... or, if it is, you are very strange.

Apparently I'm very strange, as I (correctly) expected it to be about eating babies after reading your intro to it. It's sort of the obvious 'unexpected' thing to like about babies. Now if it were about how she liked to use babies for painting, that'd be less expected...


Submission + - Shell gas station customers can pay by fingerprint 2

Carnth writes: The biometric devices, made by a San Francisco-based company called Pay By Touch, are one part of a technological trifecta Shell is rolling out at its gas stations. Customers will be able to initially scan their fingerprints at a kiosk inside the gas station and can link payment information either at the store or online. In addition, gas station attendants are testing hand-held wireless devices that allow full-service customers to pay electronically at their car window. "I think it scares people," said Debbie Britton, a store manager. "They're more confused about the whole system. Some of them say, 'Well, now the FBI can find me.'" Shell said it will not share personal information of Pay By Touch customers with third parties, and it still offers traditional forms of payment for those uncomfortable with the system.
The Almighty Buck

Underfunded NSA Suffers Brownouts 198

An anonymous reader writes "Almost ten years after the an internal report, and a year after a Baltimore sun story warned that the electrical system at the fort Meade NSA HQ couldn't keep up with the growing electricity demand ... the problem has got worse. The 'NSA has had to resort to partial, rolling brownouts at its computer farms and scheduled power outages and some offices are experiencing significant power disruptions'. NSA director Alexander testified to congress about this problem. It is suggested he wanted to add more than $800 million to the 07 budget. A recent public powerpoint presentation suggested 70% of of all intelligence spending goes to contractors. It also included a graph, without numbers, of this spending. It suggests that US intelligence spending is around $60 billion. An internal survey that showed NSA employees have problems trusting each other."

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