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Comment How about we fix starvation first (Score 1) 480

Internet is a luxury of modern, developed, and wealthy countries. There are millions of people that not only lack internet, but lack basics for survival such as clean water. And the simple truth is that just because you consider the internet a part of your pursuit of happiness, there are millions who don't care.

Comment Counties are not regular clients (Score 1) 126

I think there is a fundamental problem equating countries to enterprise level clients. While they do share similarities, I don't see any reason why a country such as Iran couldn't develop their own web crawler to add sites to their blocked list. Yes, they currently have the support of US companies, but I'm dubious as to the necessity. Should the companies refuse to provide updates, innovative countries will not hesitate to circumvent that minor difficulty.

Comment The bandwagon (Score 1) 361

I realize that /. has become a forum for bashing anyone that disagrees with you, but really? Why did so many of you automatically assume this experiment as factual scientific evidence against creationists? The creation/evolution debate is actually quite irrelevant in this experiment because it can only prove that amino acids can form under the conditions of the experiment. Could it be true? Absolutely, and if it is, opens the door for the possibility of the spontaneous creation of amino acids. I'm intrigued by the experiment and its results, but this is far cry from any kind of proof or evidence on the origin of life and jumping to that conclusion only shows one's bias beliefs. We don't even know if this experiment is repeatable yet. One scientist (and his colleagues) performing two experiments means very little. In order to be valid, this experiment must be performed many times by different groups, all of which must get the same results. When this happens we can say with confidence that the gasses and electricity produce amino acids, thus the spontaneous generation of amino acids is not impossible. Don't be so quick to jump on the bandwagon of anything that might suggests someone else is wrong.

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