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Comment Democrat Senator Leland Yee is a PARASITE (Score 1) 857

He and other CAREER PARASITES need to stop wasting tax payers money and take a long hard look at where they dragged our (Californian) schools down to. Leland Yee is an attention whore, and this is not about Texas, he doesn't give a rats ass, his entire legacy has been attention whoring and sucking up public's money to unsure his job and jobs of his fellows bureaucRATs. California's schools are in a pitiable state and need help, NOT LIP SERVICE and sure as hell not more layers of costly bureaucracy.

Comment ramblings of a dying egomaniac... (Score 0, Troll) 1067

Steve is a rapidly dying, mentally, emotionally and physically deteriorated ruin of a human being, bent on control fueled by his narcissism trying to slap together a legacy pyramid for himself. I sat across the table from the man and he is freaking nuts and everyone who works for him knows it. Pitiful.

Comment Re:Wow, just wow (Score 1) 215

I know its par for the course for Slashdot people to joyfully suck Googles dick whenever Apples dick isnt up for grabs, but for fucks sake, wipe the gizz of your chins and get real - Google got CAUGHT yet again collecting data on the lives of private citizens - I pity you naive sycophantic faggots that still believe they aren't evil.

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