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Comment Re:All his points make me hate this move even more (Score 1) 771

But nobody cares if Motorola [bgr.com] or LeEco [androidauthority.com] or whoever ELSE does it; but if Apple DARES

Maybe nobody cares because nobody noticed, and nobody noticed because nobody's even fucking heard of LeEco, and nobody pays attention to Motorola's phones anymore because they have about 1.5% of the market!? (sauce) Nah, it has got to be just that if Apple does something, anything at all, those idiot Apple-haters all contrive a reason why it's the worst thing ever, am I right? Might I instead suggest that it's because Apple has over 20% of the market share and anything they do with their phone actually matters because people (your username suggests you're one of them but who knows) buy it even if it requires sacrificing their firstborn?

Of course, now that I've posted this, the Fandroids will just start accusing Apple of copying Android (facepalm).

I need you to clarify for me, are you implying that there are idiot Fandroids just as much as there are idiot Macfags, and that idiots will be idiots? Because no disagreement there. Or do you believe that Apple never steals anything from Android or anyone else for that matter, because in that case, you already drowned on the kool-aid, so there's not much hope...

Comment Re:Does this mean I get a TDI for cheap? (Score 1) 124

I really don't care either...I'm here to have my fun and when I'm dust...who cares? We're here only a very short time, and I don't intend to hamper my existence for some future inhabitant that won't even know my name....

This, right here, is why the human race is doomed to die on this planet, or at the most, this solar system. We don't deserve to go any further.

"A society grows great when old men plant trees under whose shade they know they will never sit."

Comment Re:Do it. (Score 1) 596

Uh, permanently burning them into the ROM is a good thing. Apple ain't dumb enough to make the keys updatable - that would mean any malicious party could update the keys for malicious purposes the same way Apple could, and the device's owner wouldn't even know, assuming the attack were executed correctly. Jailbreaking wouldn't be a problem as you could update the keys yourself and sign whatever firmware you want with your own key. Or consider if the keys are leaked without Apple's knowledge - they wouldn't change the keys if they didn't know the existing ones were compromised, so in that case you're owned either way. So on first thought it may not be a good idea to burn the keys into ROM and make them permanent, as the device is permanently compromised if the keys are leaked and so would need to be replaced. But that is much better than the alternative massive security hole that making the keys writable would be.

Comment Re:Anyplace to get the Windows app still? (Score 1) 101

Personally I use 10 on my laptop, but not tablet (and not desktop, though that's because 10 doesn't support Intel ANS yet). For tablets/touch, 8.1 is actually way better than 10. They removed or modified some of the handy gestures and shortcuts and easy ways of navigating around that they introduced in 8, they made it a pain to use full screen metro apps and still access the desktop easily, and the design language for Metro is way worse because the options bar is no longer used, and they use icons all over the place that are unlabeled so you don't know exactly what they do. If you're using a touchscreen there's no tooltips so you have to touch an icon to know what it does.

Comment Re:Too many choices (Score 1) 508

One size does not fit all. You might like different features to me. Don't be lazy - do your research, and you'll end up with a device that's better for you. I might pick a different one that works better for me. It is very egotistical to believe that the only phone or tablet anyone could ever need is the one that you find perfect.

Comment Re:Meanwhile, in Canada (Score 2) 155

This is because Microsoft want to tailor Cortana to each country's culture. They want her to be more relaxed in Australia and more formal in Japan. This takes time.

Personally, given Microsoft's position, I would have implemented a generic Cortana earlier and then customised her to each country later, in order to speed up the availability of it. But, that's just me.

Either way, it's not that Microsoft is giving us Aussies the middle finger, they're just taking their sweet time tweaking her to our country's tastes.

Comment Re:Yay! (Score 3, Informative) 155

That is dishonest because it is not the complete story.

From the same article you linked, is a link to this one which reveals that it barely factors into most search result rankings. Furthermore, whilst Bing gets some information on result rankings from Google, they get that info from any search certain IE users make anywhere on the web, not just Google.

Comment Re:Your biggest screw up (Score 5, Interesting) 452

I agree in general with your philosophy of free speech, however, in this case, claiming that what reddit did is "censorship" is a bit misleading. This is Slashdot so I'm quite suprised you've been moderated so highly and that nobody has pointed it out yet; on the other hand perhaps many 'dotters just aren't aware of exactly what happened.

The /r/fatpeoplehate (FPH) subreddit wasn't closed because the community and admins don't like the crap they spew. That would have been censorship, but that's not why the subreddit was closed. FPH was closed because its subscribers started spreading their hate into other subreddits and harassing other users via private messages. reddit was fine with FPH existing and being content with sharing their hate with each other, and they did for a long time. But recently they broke the rules, so they got their subreddit taken away.

That's not censorship, that's compartmentalisation. FPH was allowed to exist and to be dicks by themselves in their own little corner of reddit. That's the point of subreddits. Again, reddit knew about FPH and was OK with its crap as long as it kept to itself. Only after they tried to spread their bullshit was the subreddit closed.

Comment Re:Under the hood (Score 2) 187

There's heaps of us who like Windows 8.x/2012, but Slashdot has its mind made up and every time there's a Windows 8 submission these idiots bring out their pitchforks while people like us just ignore it. So no, you're not the only one.

At this stage it looks like Microsoft could patch in a new Start Menu, throw in the option to use oh I don't know, KDE's menu or whatever your DE of choice is these days, put in a tool that converts fucking lead to gold, and donate 50% of their net profit to NASA, and people here would still hate it.

Comment Re:Blah. (Score 2) 82

Before I was introduced to the wonderful world of *nix, the fact that nano has essentially no features would probably have drawn my criticism in a similar manner.

However, the first text editor I learned to use on Linux has changed my perspective somewhat. We all know which one it is most likely to be. There is one feature it had missing, that nano does have, and I consider it the most important feature of all - it's not completely batshit fucking insane.

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