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Submission + - Everyone driving in London is to be policed

Anonymous EPA writes: The BBC is reporting at that lice CCTV data that is used to enforce London's congestion charge is to be fed to the Metropolitan Police. This has required a partial suspension to the Data Protection Act. Do the authorities really think that the terrorists will use their own registration cars with registration numbers that can be traced? Yet another "it is national security so nothing else matters" police-state measure in the UK.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - ModBook Mac tablet delayed to fourth quarter (

Tabula Rasa writes: Those who have been waiting for the first Mac OS tablet will have to wait a little longer. Demoed at MacWorld over six months ago, the ModBook is made by Other World Computing and Axiotron, features a Wacom digitizer, and was slated to ship in May. Due to 'parts shortages,' the ModBook won't ship before the fourth quarter of 2007. 'The sales person we spoke to added that they only want to launch it "when ready" anyway, which I guess will be in the fourth quarter of the year... assuming it doesn't get pushed back again. "Hang in there!" he said. Hell, if we hang long enough, maybe there'll be a new version of the ModBook ready for display at next January's Macworld Expo.'

Submission + - London Police get real time access to traffic cams

Peil writes: "After saying for years that the Transport for London traffic cameras would not grant the police routine, real time access it appears that, surprise, surprise, thats just what has happened.

The BBC have flagged that our new Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith has decided to throw out all the previous assurances and data protection laws.

FTA: "Anti-terror officers will be exempted from parts of the Data Protection Act to allow them to see the date, time and location of vehicles in real time. They previously had to apply for access on a case-by-case basis. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith blamed the "enduring vehicle-borne terrorist threat to London" for the change."

Still they do promise to play nice:
The scheme will also be reviewed in three months' time after an interim report by Met Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, so the home secretary can be "personally satisfied ... that the privacy of individuals is protected""

Submission + - OpenOffice Virus Found in Use (

eldavojohn writes: "Remember the 'SB/Badbunny-A' virus that wasn't in the wild yet? Well, according to Symantec, it is and it's not caring what platform you're running. The respective behaviors of the designated worm in the wild: "On Windows systems, it drops a file called drop.bad which is moved to the system.ini in the user's mIRC folder, while executing the Javascript virus badbunny.js that replicates to other files in the folder. On Apple Mac systems, the worm drops one of two Ruby script viruses in files called badbunny.rb and badbunnya.rb. On Linux systems, the worm drops both as an XChat script and as a Perl virus.""

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