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Comment Re:Clothes dryer? (Score 1) 330

In the apartment buildings I lived in (not in the US) there was usually a shared room in the basement where everybody could dry his clothes on lines.

And for the moisture in the air: That depends on the kind of dryer you use, traditional dryer or condenser dryer and the like that don't let the humid air outside.

Comment Re:Docking Station (Score 1) 207

Exactly what my company did with all the old workstation. We are a software development department and a few years back the main issues with laptops have been the slow hard drives. Now they are fast enough (of course we still have our build servers) and all the desktops have been replaced with laptops and docking stations connected to large TFT displays.

Great for working, because you can set up dual-view, do the coding on the large TFT and have your documentation, specification, whatever (/. ;)) on the laptop screen.

And I think the gambling argument doesn't hold for most of the games, either. But I only play occassionally and have maybe different requirements and don't play games like Crysis.

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