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Submission + - Realtime Power Monitoring Options (Inexpensive)? 1

tedpearson writes: I've wanted for several months and/or years to be able to look at my electricity usage in a graphed form, both real-time and historical data. There seem to be a number of options for power monitoring in existence: some that hook into Google PowerMeter, others to Microsoft Hohm, and some that are standalone units. I've also seen DIY projects using Aruduinos for reading the data and sending it to a computer. But I haven't found anything that is quite what I'm looking for, and I am hoping the Slashdot community can give me some advice. What I'm looking for currently: Some sort of device(s) that a) accurately measures power usage, b) allows me to access the data for storage in a database for my own graphing/analysis purposes, c) will work with MacOS (doesn't require Windows), and d) doesn't cost more than $150 or so. I'm willing to DIY, though I don't understand circuit design which is keeping me from designing something myself.

Comment Facing away from each other. (Score 1) 520

At a previous job, I worked in a room with desk space set up in a large U shape around the room. Each of us worked in or near one of the corners, facing out (to windows, wall, or through the door out into the rest of the building).

I found that this worked well for both doing your own work without interference (headphones and music also helped) but also lent itself to collaboration. All I had to do to ask one of the other devs a question was turn around and speak up.

I really don't like the idea of facing toward other devs without some sort of barrier blocking my view, as I would think I'd find it rather distracting.

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