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Comment Re:Open Tractor(tm) (Score 4, Interesting) 500

This would be one solution but it wont work. No one is going to buy a tractor from some "open" manufacturer that they have never heard of or pay extra for the "open" tractor. There are a number of factors at work here. 1) Emissions ratings that the manufacturer must meet, 2) Vendor lock-in (and therefore fleet lock in), and 3) Pride. You see out here in the midwest folks are mighty proud of the color of their tractor. It can start an argument faster than vi vs emacs. To come into a market dominated by big players will be a challenge. Especially when there is both manufacturing AND mindshare hurdles to clear.

The easier solution was already mentioned in the summary: support the Right to Repair bill, in any state, if your state has made one. This doesn't overnight solve the problems and John Deere would probably just pull a TiVo and lock the software and it is business as usual. And expect pushback from the vendors when it comes to these new bills but it is the first step to taking back ownership rather than "licensing" your use of a tractor.

Comment Why not a new browser (Score 1) 152

If this is going to be such a radical shift in the way that the browser functions why not create a new project? The Phoenix/Firebird project (its name before Firefox) was born out of the need for a lightweight browser that focused on one thing. They rewrote the browser from the Mozilla suite and made it fast. The model they brought along is still close to what we have today. Now they want to overhaul and break the system radically. Just like then.

At this point why dont they create a Firefox2 or a FirefoxNG browser with all of the new features, bring over the users automatically and essentially fork the dev? Just like with Seamonkey that kept the browser suite that was Mozilla going, we can keep the old FF1v44 version going. That way the old guys like us can backport the software improvements of FF2 and keep our old extensions. I have a feeling that many of the awesome extensions that exist solely on Firefox will die out because of the loss of functionality. Without those the browser starts to look a lot less appealing.

At this point they might as well just rename it PrivacyFox and go the way of Opera, just use Blink but strip out all the tracking. Crankshaft JS could use a bunch more devs.

Comment Why both? (Score 1) 125

Was there general consensus that both methods complemented each other or was it one of those "ours is best so we want it in"? Having looked at how they work each has its pluses and minuses but they couldn't have come up with one? Seems to me like they were sitting around going "yea these are so different there is no way to combine them to make one... and we dont want ours to be left out so fuck it, use em both."

Comment I'd believe it... (Score 1) 188

I have caught a number of problems documenting my code. When you describe what it is supposed to do and you realize that it really doesn't do that then you can correct as such. I would say I have found more incorrect behavior rather then show stopping bugs. However if we had shipped the product with the code the way it was we would have probably called it a bug so it is probably the same either way.

Comment I'm guessing.... (Score 4, Insightful) 94

Im guessing that they do want to support Linux as a platform but the maintenance of the thing is killing them. Linux gamers exist but for the small numbers they provide I but the upkeep of the client is killing them time wise. Open sourcing the client makes sense if this is the case, otherwise why bother?

Comment Well its a start (Score 1) 154

Read only makes it easy to start with. Maybe now tweetdeck and others can get view capabilities. If I can see things on G+ I am likely to go over and post.

The trick with Write is the authentication. Now google has to figure out how to do an authentication scheme it likes (read "they developed to take over the web") for that to happen.

Comment Re:$6 million? (Score 1) 140

Assuming 100% markup profit margin over baseline (common practice really) were looking at a baseline cost of $3 mil.

Now we need to factor in an encryption scheme that works across Windows, AIX, etc with enterprise support backing it up say $1.2 million to licence for all servers and locations (seem low but hey) and we have $1.8 million to spend.
Now we gotta pay people some prices to do that work so lets say $.5 million (500,000) so about $100 per man hour (bout right) and we have $1.3 to spend.
Now pay the electrical company for all that processing time (depending if they had THEM process it or they did it on their servers) at about $.5 million and we have $.8 million (800k) to explain.
Throw in some training for a few Ks to ensure the techs know how to handle the system lets say 100,000k for that (ouch! hey that is specializations ya know) 700K to go.
Maybe a little software rework (even if it wasnt really necessary) for another 100k and we have 600K to explain.
Opps forgot the "maintenance contract" which is often 10% of the sale price so 600k and lookie there, 6million blown pretty quick.

Thanks for shopping.

Comment Breaks Jailbreak (Score 3, Insightful) 94

Problem is that applying this update for something that is not likely exploited in the wild will hose your Unteathered Jailbreak. Reports on twitter are that redsn0w pointed at 4.3.4 (or 4.2.9) will work for getting a tethered Jailbreak. Many jailbreakers likely wont bother.

Wonder if someone will patch this like they did the PDF exploit and put it on Cydia.

Comment Re:so? (Score 1) 639

"known USB" means that the Serial Number is known to the central IT manager and approved for use. Not just "oh look this is a legit Cisco" or "nifty a MS flash drive" as know. The flash drive is brought in and signed off for use. Then the only flashdrive based attack is one where a flash drive is lost, infected and then returned.

Besides, bling drives are usually small anyway and suck. I would be very suspicious of a "bling" drive that was of any large size.

Comment Re:Dupe isn't even a day old!! (Score 1) 151

Dupe isn't even a day old!!

Oh I am going to be modded into oblivion for this, and likely loose some karma, but it was actually ~27 hours (4:20 am for article1 on 6-23, 7:19am for article2 on 6-24).

However this trend is quickly becoming problematic and approaching same front page dupes and soon both in the 15 count RSS feed. Do the editors even read the site?

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