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Comment Re:As a Mac user... (Score 1) 95

I don't use Mac, so YMMV.... There is a way to use VM Player to access the console of Virtual Machines by logging into the ESXi web interface with VMP. I believe the command is: 'vmplayer -h ' through a CLI. Google is your friend here.

Comment Re:Whoops (Score 1) 510

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in the same group as yourself. It is difficult to find a good job when businesses are performing credit checks, and hiring partially based on the criteria derived from the result. I have been not hired due to a poor credit score, but was hired by a company that doesn't take that information into account when hiring.

Comment Re:kaaaching (Score 1) 766

While I agree with you that an IT Department is considered a "overhead" department to most accounting departments in a company, the core question is this: Without an IT department, would the company be able to produce its core product(s)?

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