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Comment From the Waze help page on invisible mode. (Score 2) 55

"You can switch to invisible mode at any time, which means for that specific drive: (1) you will appear as offline to your friends; (2) your Waze icon will show on the map; (3) you will not be able to send reports, add/edit places, or send messages to friends and other Wazers." #2 doesn't make any sense to me. Do I need Ron Weasley to snag me the invisibility cloak?

Comment Microsoft doesn't have to do anything. (Score 1, Insightful) 829

The procrastinators need to get off their a** and upgrade their systems, replace them with *nix/MacOS boxes, or whatever it takes to get off Windows XP. Windows XP is an 11-year old OS and users have known for years that this date was coming. For users to be upset at Microsoft is the height of absurdity. Apple gives their operating systems significantly shorter support and yet nobody complains about them.

Comment Re:further reason for a popular vote (Score 1) 642

The electoral process acts as a firewall against voter fraud. Going by popular vote will increase the incentive for voter fraud. Today, a fraudulent vote in New York can only affect matters in New York. Under popular vote, that same vote can affect votes in 49 other states. If you had a state like California which is heavily run by one party (Democratic, in this case), they could wink and nod as thousands of people stuff the ballots throughout the state.

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