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Comment Re:good (Score 1) 393

How about a car analogy?
10 mechanics examine a vehicle to determine if it is overheating. 9 of them agree (after running diagnostics) that the water pump is failing. One says everything is great, in fact, the engine is supposed to run hot, hell, it'd be better if it ran even hotter!

Consensus is built around the data, not people.

Comment Re:I have to laugh at complaining about devices... (Score 1) 169

The "doesn't work with" comments aren't because the device cannot stream the show, it is because the provider (not the manufacturer) has actively blocked access to a particular show.

The players that use the hardware are written by the service provider (as in Hulu, not Roku nor MS/Xbox). It is correct for people to be irritated with a subpar viewing experience that they pay for.

And lastly, who cares what IE users bitch about? Special code to support IE is wasted code.

Comment Re:As a US-only service (Score 2) 169

They claim it is a licensing issue, but it is curious that a show will air 5 episodes streamable via any hulu supported device, then become "Web Only" when the have their audience. Another aspect is the fact that Hulu is owned by the licensors. Given their past claims about tethering Hulu to cable, it seems more likely that they are trying to prop up their aging business model by driving viewers to their "channels".

Comment Re:Vaccines... (Score 1) 78

The anti-vax movement is not a good example. Vaccines are produced by the medical/pharmaceutical industry and are administered by the healthcare industry.

What you describe is a trend whereby some in the population see any challenge to their world view as a conspiracy. It isn't enough to say they disagree, they concoct an expansive conspiracy against which they will make their heroic stand.

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