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Comment Location based services are hell on BB (Score 1) 207

Wait until you try programming a GPS app. Every different telecom has different settings needed to get the GPS to work at all (even when they allow you to use the GPS without having to get special permission, like Verizon). Many of the documented API settings *don't* work, particulary on CDMA blackberries. Some telecoms have disabled BlackBerry Maps because they want you to buy their gps nav application, so you can't count on it being available, or even installable, and even the built-in map objects that you can in theory use inside your apps on OS 4.5 or greater relies on BlackBerry Maps being installed, so you can't rely on that either.


An Experiment In BlackBerry Development 207

ballwall writes "We've all read the stories about how lucrative selling apps on the iPhone can be (or not), but what about other platforms? BlackBerry accounts for twice as many handsets shipped as Apple, according to Gartner, so I decided to find out. I wrote about my experiences developing my first BlackBerry application including sales, platform issues, and a bunch of other things I thought new mobile developers might want to know about."

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