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Comment For some of us, those ads cost us a lot of money. (Score 1) 618

Not everyone has access to high download capacities. I get 20 Gig a month for $100, with a $10 a gig overage charge. I noticed that my usage was about 40% content, 60% ads. Do the math... It adds up quickly. So I use ad blockers now. If they can pay me for the bandwidth those ads use, maybe I will allow ads again.

Comment Incorrect reference (Score 1) 252

The article never mention weaning off of blackberries, yet your link features it prominently. I for one prefer the blackberry for work purposes, after trying various other devices. To each their own. Just don't state what an article is about, when it has nothing to do with it. State facts. Stop opinionated posts.

Comment Not Secure, and definitly not private (Score 1) 205

Securekey information passes through a cloud, which in effect means we do not know who could be looking at what services we use. The information could be used to find patterns. Canada had a much more secure method a few years ago, whereby no one knew the real identity of the person, except the individual departments or agencies, and that no amalgamation or correlation of the data was permitted by Law. It also allowed individuals to have multiple anonymous accounts to further protect themselves. This is just another way for Governments to monitor what we do, and for those crooked individuals inside, managing it, to possibly commit crimes. Oh Well, just shows you what kind of world we live in now. Big business just found a new way to ream us more .

Comment Re:Pirate countries (Score 1) 277

This is very correct. It surprises me that citizens in the US have no idea how much trouble they are in. As more of the government and its policies are controlled by the few with all dollars, it only brings the country closer and closer to complete collapse. These few do not care at all, if half of you all suffer abject poverty and ill health, as long as they can keep making money.

Comment Re:Human Trafficking (Score 1) 277

And you don't think there is an ulterior agenda when it comes to these health initiatives? Many times, they demand concessions from those governments to get that aid. The health industry is big money in the US, and Lobby hard for more profit. As to the trafficking, I agree. That is a good cause, but hardly in the press, why? no money. Just take a look at universal health care. Poor Americans are out of luck, why? because the health lobby would lose billions from the middle and upper class. It is more profitable to let the poor die. That's the problem, money and oil do not make everything run. Its the lobby in the US that wants it to be needed to make everything to run. But back to the topic. Music and other media. I will NEVER conform to a law that is not in the public interest. Laws are supposed to represent the best interests of the majority, and not the pockets of the few greedy. If a law is ever passed to prevent circumvention in Canada, it will challenged and thrown out in short order.

Comment Re:Pirate countries (Score 2) 277

Did you ever think that in the US, many are overpaid? What happened with bettering oneself, instead of relying on unions to prop up salaries? At the rate things are going, the US is going to price themselves out of all exports. Who ever heard of paying bus drivers more than developers? Well in the US, this is normal. Here is another thought, did you ever wonder what would happen if China called in its loans to the US? And more jobs in the US? Har, that's a joke. who could afford anything made in the US? Not even your average citizen could afford that. Educate yourself.

Comment Re:speaking as a Canadian to the USTR (Score 4, Insightful) 277

I ignore the US on these and many world issues, because they only complain when Oil or money is involved, and only pass laws that increase profit for the few. Since money controls the US government, profit is God, and they will never allow fair use. In Canada, I buy any media, and I can break the encryption so that I can make backups, and also place them on my media server. I never give to others. At the same time, when a new CD comes out, I download some songs for free, and if I like enough of them, then buy the cd. If not, they are deleted. Why, because it is very rare now to hear albums on the radio, and in no way will I pay big bucks for something that ends up having one good track and the rest junk. Some will say "buy individual songs". I would if they were in the lossless format I use. What the world should do, is totally ignore the US. If they stop selling to us, then it is there loss.

Comment Glossy screens helpd reduce my migraines (Score 2, Interesting) 646

After years of using matte screens, and suffering from periodic migraines, I asked my optometrist for some help, I was sure it was caused by vision since I almost always got a migraine when I went to a movie theatre. So he said try a glossy screen. Well, now instead of 30 or 40 migraines a year, it is more like 10 (theatre). Yes Glossy has its tradeoffs, but for me, it reduced the strain on my eyes. It appears that my eyes kept trying to focus on the fuzzy edges of fonts on the matte screen, where the glossy has sharp definition of fonts.

Comment it's not loyalty, but lock-in (Score 1) 595

Why do people see it as loyalty? I have friends who always said Apple was great, but after talking to them in private, they say they only say it because they are ashamed to admit that they got locked in. It is why I diversify and never purchase any product that locks me in, No DRM laden music or movies. I prefer that vendors provide high quality without hooks, to get my business.

Comment Re:Australia needs your support on this (Score 1) 169

Wait, are you not in a democratic country? do you not have elections? No democratic country should interfere with another. If you do not like what your government is doing, vote them out. The U.S. getting involved in Australia, just shows you that the U.S. wants to be a world dictator. They always say "Our Way is best". Why not let the voters in those countries decide for themselves? Maybe voters in the U.S. don't like to hear it, but most Americans vote for $$$, and that is why they fall for election innuendo. Get with the program, Big Business runs your government, and that is why they are upset with Australia. I am not saying we are any better. In Canada, we too are run by business. But I vote knowing this, and try to support a balance Government. This is why many Canadians love the current minority situation, since it prevents the ruling party from walking all over everything.

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