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Submission + - Bing update for iPad : Circle and Search using Las (

techknackblogs writes: "After successfully releasing the Bing App for Apple, Bing team is back with the update for Bing App for iPad users. After releasing the App in April, app got really good reviews and its UI is mind-blowing. According to the Bing team, the update will include something called as “Lasso” and is mainly for touch friendly devices.

In the blog post announcing the new feature, with lasso user just has to circle the word for searching. Its really pain when you are browsing and user need to search the particular word. User has to copy and paste it into the search box. But with new Bing lasso feature, user just has to circle the word and Bing will automatically search the word."

Submission + - Skype recovers from global shutdown ends (

techknackblogs writes: Skype is a free software application that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet, has ‘stabilized’ its service from a global 2-day outage.
Skype recovers from global shutdown ends. In a statement late on Thursday, the company said that it was handling 90 per cent of its typical call volume, and that its audio, video and instant messaging systems were operating normally. It still needed to fix offline instant messaging and group video calls.


Submission + - iPad 2 may have Rear and front-facing cameras, SD (

techknackblogs writes: Multiple sources have suggested that the upcoming tablet will feature not one but two cameras: one on the front and other on the back. It was rumored that OmniVision would provide both the front and rear-facing cameras in the iPad 2. Supposedly, if the device will feature both front and rear-facing cameras, which are now rumored to be provided by Genius Electronic Optical CO and Largan Precision Co.

Submission + - Download ResizeMe: Batch image editor for your Mac (

techknackblogs writes: ResizeMe is a powerful, lightweight, extraordinarily easy-to-use batch image editor for Mac OS X that allows you to Scale, Crop ‘n Rotate, Create Drop Shadows, add a sparkly table Reflection Effect, add Text Watermarks, Convert, resize, crop and rotate thousands of your images and photos at once.

Submission + - SPAM: Download iPod Getter: Extract tracks from iPod

techknackblogs writes: iPod Getter is a simple Windows application to extract tracks from iPod music players back to host computer. Good software for iPod user, it’s a simple software, but it’s really good for those who has lost all the music files in the PC and need to get them back for the iPod.
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Submission + - Exchange Web Services Managed API (

techknackblogs writes: Microsoft recently launched Exchange Web Services managed API which previsouly was in beta version. Its a new API which can be used to exchange resources. EWS combines the functionality of WebDav and CDOEX.

Submission + - Download Backgrounds for Android (

techknackblogs writes: Backgrounds Android App allows you to straightforwardly customize your home screen wallpaper. There are riches of images as these are free images pulled from Flickr. You can also use this app to add images to your contacts.

Submission + - Google Cloud Picker (

techknackblogs writes: Google has a cloud storage product and calling it ‘Cloud Picker’. The tool is linked with Google accounts login. The service would allow people to store images and documents on the web, and would tie into Google services like Docs, Apps and Sites.

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