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Comment Use Paper Ballots (Score 1) 279

Electronic voting machines or DREs have several problems. They are known to be insecure and easily hacked; there is no way to know if they recorded results properly; there is no way to verify the results.

Paper ballots are secure and can be recounted and verified. Even if an optical scanner is used, the ballots can still be counted by hand. It long past time to outlaw DREs and move to paper ballots

Comment Why not auto mechanics (Score 1) 352

I think we should also require auto mechanics starting in 4th grade. This is a terrible idea. Not everybody likes coding or has the aptitude for it. It's is like the people who are pushing art or music and how much it improves academic success. Well I can't draw worth a damn and I can't carry a tune, so no matter how hard I tried, I did not do well in those classes. All they did for me was increase my stress levels.

On the other hand I was pretty good at math and science and I am a good programmer. My three children can't program, nor do they have any interest in it. However all of them are good with computers. Computers are like driving a car. You don't need to be an auto mechanic to drive a car and you don't need to be a programmer to use a computer.

If we want improve education in the USA, there is much work that could be done, such meeting basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, medical care) for poor children, or starting a second language in preschool. Trying to turn every student into a programmer is a waste of time and money.

Comment Re:When Patent Time Rolls Around ... (Score 4, Interesting) 111

This is government funded research so hopefully everybody gets a cut. Government spending--this is important--government spending creates investments that help individuals, states, and the nation. Spending on education, basic research, and scientific infrastructure enabled this discovery, which could prove very beneficial to individuals and society.

Comment Teach Creationism accurately (Score 1) 510

If we are going to teach Creationism in science classes--something that I am against--then we should require that it be taught accurately, which means that both creation stories in the Bible should be taught.

In Genesis 1, God creates the oceans, fishes, animals, then man. In Genesis 2, God creates the man, then the animals.

If we must teach Creationism in the classroom, then make sure to insist that the Creation Stories are taught.

Comment Re:You want to get their attention? (Score 1) 65

There three other things that should be done.

1. Do not allow the fines to be tax deductible.
2. Do not allow the top executives to receive any bonuses.
3. Restrict the top executives salaries to 25 times the federal minimum wage.

The fact of the matter is that the top executives suffer no real consequences when they screw up. We need to make them pay a price when they put the public in danger.

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