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Comment A lot of circumstance and some suspicious experts (Score 1) 303

My read so far based on the video blogpost I saw on last night is that there is a lot of circumstantial evidence and not a lot of hard facts.

Also, the agent who worked Chicago border control seems to know an aweful lot about IT and TOR that makes me wonder why he's working packaged duty.

Starting to smell like a lot of planted evidence...

Comment Crypto's Behave More Like Securities Than Currency (Score 3, Insightful) 301

Bitcoin for all its technical sophistication is more of a threat to "stock exchanges" or "equity allocation" than it ever will be to "currencies"

It is not suitable to a "drive-thru" transactions due to the number of "confirms" required to have veracity in the exchange.

However, it is VERY WELL SUITED to the exchange of equity -- and is, given the current settlement times, much more of a threat to public ledgers like TORRENS (property exchange logs) -- or stock/ownership exchanges.

Comment I learned the value of money by paying as I went.. (Score 3, Interesting) 1797

I don't want to be "that old guy" -- but I didn't qualify for student loans in the 80's & early 90's because my parents were in that bracket where they were supposed to be able to contribute, but just couldn't.

I had up to three part-time jobs while doing my undergrad, and I definitely wanted the education -- I found that as "consumer" I demanded more from my instructors for my hard earned cash.

In the end it made me who I am, and I subsequently went on to get both an MS in Software Engineering and an MBA recently -- both paid for with cash that I earned and saved.

Sure it took a little longer to finish the degree's and barring Alzheimer's, the lessons learned all around will be mine for life!

Comment Fire that NTAC asap and keep the WebOS team (Score 2) 178

Apotheker has to be one of the worst appointments I've seen in 20 years.

At least Chain-saw Al Dunlap was hired for the express purpose of being a major league a-hole.

Apotheker showed a shocking poverty of understanding of the empire he was entrusted to run that it makes me seriously question the competency of the people that vetted him?

Comment Pricing games and post cancel charges oh my! (Score 4, Informative) 349

I tried changing my bank account info and when I called to ask them to reverse a pending charge on the wrong/old account I was told that I would have to close/cancel my service with them, and then restart service at a new higher rate!

So I cancelled. Completely.

Now I have to play the "contest the charge on the credit card game" even though I cancelled on the 9th the charge still showed up on the 11th.

You'd think they would be doing anything to just maintain their current customers, but evidently not.

Say hello to RedBox !

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