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Comment Re:LaTeX (Score 2) 349

As someone who proofreads engineering and medical papers for a living, MS Word is unfortunately the standard format (authors insert little images of complex typography into the main text; it's as bad as it sounds). Some equation-heavy papers use LaTeX, but they account for maybe 1% of the total.

Comment Not surprising (Score 5, Interesting) 178

I've been proofreading engineering/medical papers for universities in Taiwan for over 7 years and this is not surprising in the least. There is almost no stigma regarding plagiarism in this region (I've done work for Malaysian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, etc. authors). When I alert an author about copy/pasted text, their reaction is one you would get if you told someone that their reference format needs to be change. "Oh, ok. I guess I'll change it.". The universities here never seriously investigate plagiarism because all the big fish at the top did it themselves to get to the top.

Comment Asian education (Score 1) 1073

Those numbers for Taiwan are incorrect. Children go to government funded school from 7am until about 4pm, but then they shuffle off to various "cram" schools until 9pm (some of these schools stay open until midnight). What do they do during summer "vacation"? That's right, all day cram schools. How about weekends? Cram schools. You get the idea.

In short, that 1,050 hours is more like 3,000 hours. I'm sure other Asian countries are similar.


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