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Submission + - Tesla Hits Back Against New York Times' John Broder (teslamotors.com)

SomePgmr writes: "After the notorious, scripted failure of a Tesla on the popular show Top Gear, Tesla Motors has made a practice of enabling all on-board logging for any vehicle given to the media for review. It appears this practice has paid off, as Tesla responds to New York Times' John Broder's review of a Tesla Model S. The summary of log data is pretty damning."

Submission + - Cisco WebVPN & Firefox 2.0 vulnerability

An anonymous reader writes: Problem description: The Cisco VPN 3000 / ASA series hangs when a user
uploads a large file to a CIFS share using WebVPN and Firefox 2.0.

1) Configuration needed
- configure your Cisco VPN for NT or ActiveDirectory authentication
- enable WebVPN access
- allow access to CIFS shares over WebVPN

2) Steps that will cause the VPN to hang
- Access WebVPN by https using Firefox 2.0 (Win32)
- login using NT/ActiveDirectory credidentials
- upload a large file (>10MB) to a CIFS share

The VPN/ASA hangs with 100% CPU within 30 seconds. Power cycle required! SNMP queries during the upload can speed up the lockup. This works with Cisco VPN 4.7.2 and recent ASA 55xx versions.

The problem has been reported to Cisco in October 2006. Internal BugID: CSCsh59317 The bug is severe but has not been published.

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