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Comment Re:The other way to read this... (Score 1) 220

In fact are these numbers normalized at all? How do we even know that we aren't comparing apples and bolts? I know a guy who got a new blackberry (model) every year, because Telus in Canada had a unpublished policy that if a phone dies for you 3 times they waive the etf/upgrade fee for the fourth phone. Like clockwork he would go through one every 3 months.

Comment Re:Umm, no. (Score 1) 161

ummm, no. seperate unencrypted vlan's are == to seperate network. allowing a seperate network for others to use has nothing to do with your security and is irrelevant to this discussion. MAC filtering is just plain stupid, and not worth the time it will take to setup. Firewall's are great as long as you aren't transmitting anything sensitive.

Comment Re:As a developer: read-only access (Score 1) 402

A-fucking-men. My favourite bug was a OS patch that had been applied to DEV, but not QA or PROD for time zone changes. For reasons only known to management, half our production QA and PROD environments are UNIX and half windows. DEV is all windows. We quickly figured out that nobody had been applying the patches to UNIX since management hadn't hired anybody who knew UNIX. Turns out it was a Windows patch that was missed. fucking sysadmins.

Comment Yes.... (Score 1) 402

I am a developer. Our environment team is practically retarded. I have to go on-call during DR tests because it is too complicated to restore an image and double click an icon. God forbid they have to install a App Server, or configure 35+ JBoss instances (default is 1 instance per box) to start, tune for memory usage or performance or both, etc. Just last week they decided to upgrade the os to 2008R2. no need to test anything right? Sure all of the code is 32-bit but that wont have any implications will it? Trust me I would much rather not have access to prod, but as the saying goes "Better us drunk, than them sober"

Comment RTFA (Score 1) 773

This isn't about Cuban paying. it is about MSFT paying sites to be "exclusive" to bing. Calacanis and Cuban have been developing this thought ever since murdoch said he was going to de-index the wsj. the idea is to allow content creators to monetize the site by creating partnerships with Bing and allowing Bing to advertise, "if you want the best news, search with bing" or something like that. This way it drives market share to Bing, which then pays back to the content creator. Lets face the facts. if the 1001st site is geocities then you aint gonna click it regardless of whether google lists it number 1. If google results are crap people will leave.

Submission + - Microsoft to release USB/DVD tool as GPL2, Owns up (

An anonymous reader writes: Paul Thurrott at the Supersite for Windows has the scoop that Microsoft has owned up to stealing FLOSS code, and will be owning up to it and releasing the source and binary under GPLv2 next week.

Way to go Microsoft!

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