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Journal Journal: /. moderation sucks

Copied from drinkypoo

I absolutely despise /.'s mod system.

Incidentally, people who use the "Redundant" moderation are fucknuts.

Anyway it's really stupid that I can't moderate comments in a discussion that I have posted in. It would make sense to not be able to moderate comments to which I have replied (or when I've replied to one of their children or parents other than the article itself) but I want to mod up some insightful comments unrelated to what I had to say, and now I can't.

I am not sure if this is the cause, but we are getting a bunch of dumb ass people moderating. Who are pnly good at ranking how funny comments are.

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Journal Journal: Dreams of acheivement

1) Breaking the sound barier under water, which would allow a craft that could fly under water or fly through that air. In high school this is my hope and dream to create such a craft before I die.

2) Building machines capable of learning. Actually when you think every thing our brain does including emotions could be down with a sufficiently large ANN. Emotions are are strong warnings or desires which are sum what hardwired, but later reinforced through experiences.

3) I honestly believe that early cancer is "curable" using the bodies own defences. The trick is utilizing the strength of cancer, its immortal, as a weekness. The mortality of cells actually protect them from being converted into factories for virus and other antigens. And there is cancer's weakness. When the immune system reconizes cancer cells converted into factories, it will destroy them.

4) Make the world a better place through innovation. This includes
- numerious improvements on common place designs,
- apply common economic logic to government polices, not favoring particular individuals or groups

5) I think setting up a moon base would be really kool :)

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