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Comment Re:Perspective (Score 1) 438

I know how everyone loves to dump on the carriers but the "dumb pipe" idea is not feasible for a couple of different reasons. The wireless network doesn't have practically "unlimited" bandwith like the internet. Because of this the carries are extremely interested in making sure that the devices running on their network do not consume excess bandwith. Everyone phone that is made available for sale by the carriers is extensively tested to make sure it won't tank the wireless network. The other issue is support. If you have everyone and their grandma using all variety of devices on your "dumb network" then how exactly do you train a customer service organization to support every phone known to man including one made in 1992? The biggest reason carriers carry phones, is so they can limit the amount of trash on their network.

Submission + - ASUS Transformer Prime and GPS issues (

tdp252 writes: "Geeks after having unwrapped their Quad-Core Transformer Prime are finding that the tablet is not reliably acquiring a GPS lock. There are uncertainties on the XDA forums about whether this is merely due to a software issue or if a more serious design fault may be at play. The Prime uses an aluminum metal-backing that while desirable as a styling element could potentially block signal reception."

Comment buyer beware - Transformer Prime (Score 2) 356

If you are a person who values GPS, or simply having all of the features you paid for function in your new $500 purchase then you should head over to the XDA forums. Forum users are reporting that GPS locking is impossible to unreliable at best and it could have something to do with Asus' choice of using an aluminum back-plate.

Comment Apple is not interested in the Enterprise (Score 1) 340

Apple's focus is on the consumer market. Period. I've met with Apple Sales representatives multiple times in technology purchasing roles at various companies I've worked for and they aren't shy about stating that you either play by their rules or leave the discussion.

One of the biggest problems is that large companies want to see things like Product Road Maps. Apple makes it very clear they won't let you know whats going to happen 6 months ahead with any of their products. This really puts the enterprise off in many large companies because they like to know where technology is going in order to plan for it's impact on their infrastructure accordingly.

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