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Comment Re:Actually, that's sort of a cop out. (Score 1) 838

So glad you pointed that out. I'm Jewish, and consider myself religious, but I in no way believe the world was created in 6 days, and have never been taught that this is a literal story of the creation of the world. It reminds me of a question and answer panel I attended with 3 rabbis, one reform, one conservative, and one orthodox. The orthodox rabbi, an elderly gentleman in his early 80's, was asked how he felt about the difference in the Hebrew calendar (which supposedly counts years from creation) and the scientifically accepted age of the earth and how he reconciled that with his religious beliefs. His response: "Do you really think that I believe the world is 6000 years old?". This is one reason I dislike the term Judeo-Christian. No offense to christians, it's just an inaccurate term in my opinion. There are more differences in philosophy and how the world is viewed than there are similarities, especially amongst the evangelicals.

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