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Comment Re:It's not just a "phone subsidy." (Score 1) 520

I don't know. Its a testament to my Sprint experience that I don't *need* to know. After my first contract expired I remained free for some time. My experience with them was positive enough that I felt the risk of a new contract was worth a new phone. I'm almost done with my second contract now. I'm not looking to jump ship.

I dislike early termination fees, but admit it only matters when you are being abused by the carrier. I also know how quickly a carriers service can go through the floor.

Comment Re:It's not just a "phone subsidy." (Score 1) 520

I see what you are saying about the subsidy, but I don't think that should give them license to abuse or take for granted your needs as a customer for the length of the contract.

The payment of the remainder of the actual subsidy mentioned up thread seems the most fair.

As much as the article complains about the increase, Verizon's policy isn't that terrible. The contract I was in was the price of the remaining months of service *per line*, which came out to be far more.

I think more transparency would help here. That way its more fair to the provider and seems less like a money grab.

Comment Re:It's not just a "phone subsidy." (Score 1) 520

I didn't mean to accuse Verizon directly - but the idea of single sided cellphone contracts and poor service in general. I've never had service with Verizon, so I can't speak to it. I'm glad your experience has been good. Similarly I am now a happy Sprint customer.

I have in the past however been shackled to a dying provider. Poor service, misleading device sales, and a non existent network with little to no coverage. Addressing this issue led to hours on the phone with support - some of those hours due to me simply not allowing them to hang up. Those were hours I would not have willingly spent. I would have taken my business elsewhere had it not been for a prohibitive early termination fee.

Comment Re:It's not just a "phone subsidy." (Score 5, Insightful) 520

You would be right if the contract actually worked both ways. If you have problem with your service, or a billing dispute, or any of a number of other problems, their answer is likely to be "Too bad."

The customer is left with two choices - a very costly and unlikely to succeed lawsuit, or to walk. Taking your business elsewhere is sometimes the only effective protest against a corporate bully.

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