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Comment Re:Super bad for Servers (Score 2, Interesting) 264

If you don't look at every file or at least the general path of what you are installing then you deserve it. Fink, SuspiciousPackage and the like all are very good for this.
If you need excessive amounts of PERL modules why aren't you using a generic *NIX server rather than OS X Server? The only compelling reasons I could use for using OS X Server is 1) Provide excellent AFP file services 2) You really love Mac OS X and want the whole barrage of services in the form of one mediocre server. I think Windows has an offering like that coming out soon in the form of Window Small Business Server 2008.

Here Comes iPhone Nano, But Not In the US 177

jehovajerieh writes to us in the time-honored tradition of rampant Apple speculation, pointing to an article over on IBTimes suggesting that while the iPhone Nano may be on the way, the US might not be the first to experience this gadget bliss. "Despite limited information in the supplier channels and typical secrecy with new Apple products, insiders have confirmed that the iPhone nano is not yet in the testing labs at AT&T, Marshal says, leading him to believe that the launch will most likely be with a non-US carrier. 'Obviously, the best-case scenario here would be a China launch (~600mil+ wireless subscribers total in the country), but we have no definitive knowledge of this and are working on identifying the [locale] of launch and other pertinent details,' he said."

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