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Comment Re:US Post Office always secure. (Score 1) 454

Does "vote by mail" require any sort of ID? If not, how on earth is this more secure than a ballot box?

Washington state requires you to provide a driver license number or state ID number when registering to vote online (WA state license numbers are a combination of a person's initials, last name, and date of birth). You also have to check a box that says you're a US citizen and another box saying you'll be over 18 by the time of the next election. They also have a text-based CAPTCHA at the end of the form so you know that there can't be any sort of fraud.

Comment Re:Yawn (Score 1) 152

Indeed. I'm not sure Disney has had a truly original concept since Steamboat Wille. Disney, an entire entertainment empire built on a single cartoon.

Steamboat Willie was based heavily on the Buster Keaton movie Steamboat Bill Jr. which came out earlier that year. It was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon to get a distributor, since Disney couldn't find a distributor for the two earlier Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Submission + - There Are Some Super Shady Things in Oculus Rift's Terms of Service (

An anonymous reader writes: While the [Oculus Rift] is cool, like any interesting gadget, it's worth looking through the Terms of Service, because there are some worrisome things included. Quite a few of the items in the document are pretty typical in any sort of Terms of Service agreement. These include details like waiving your right to a juried trial and agreeing to go into arbitration instead. Oculus can also terminate your service for myriad reasons, and third parties can collect information on you. However, there are some even more devilish details in the Rift’s full Terms of Service. If you create something with the Rift, the Terms of Service say that you surrender all rights to that work and that Oculus can use it whenever it wants, for whatever purposes. Basically, if you create something using the device, Oculus can’t own it, but the company can use it—and they don’t have to pay you for for using it. Oculus can use it even if you don’t agree with its use. Oculus can collect data from you while you're using the device. Furthermore, the information that they collect can be used to directly market products to you. Furthermore, as UploadVR noted, the Oculus Rift is a device that is always on (much like Microsoft’s Xbox One Kinect feature) which leads to further concerns about when the information will be collected.

Comment Re:environmental impact (Score 1) 161

11 million heads of lettuce a YEAR... is that supposed to be something special?

The impressive part is that the 11 million heads of lettuce are grown with a footprint of roughly 1 acre. From the photos it appears that the crops are produced on 4 tier grow shelves. If robots are doing most of the work I see no reason why this couldn't be expanded vertically to the point where they are growing 100+ million heads of lettuce per year per acre.

Comment Re:What Type of Truck? (Score 1) 223

I had to read a little more carefully (I had the same question) but it does actually say 'pickup truck'. I'm all for it; I like driving small pickups. What I've wondered all along is why someone hasn't done this already? Seems like a no-brainer to me. You could build the battery packs right under the bed, no problem.

GM made and sold an electric Chevy S10 for the '97 & '98 model years. They had the same drivetrain as the EV1. They even sold some outright to fleet customers rather than exclusively leasing, so a few dozen escaped being destroyed when GM crushed all the lease returns of the EV1.

Comment Re:What % of Blue Origin was new parts on 2nd flig (Score 1) 132

I wonder what the service and Q&A was like on Blue Origin after the first flight? How many components needed repair or replacement? That is why Space X is taking care with it's first reflight after successful return landing. I'm sure they learned much from their first success.

According to the Blue Origin site, "Data from the November mission matched our preflight predictions closely, which made preparations for today’s re-flight relatively straightforward. The team replaced the crew capsule parachutes, replaced the pyro igniters, conducted functional and avionics checkouts, and made several software improvements, including a noteworthy one."

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 149

From Wikipedia: Kobe beef ( Kbe bfu?) (KO-BEH) refers to beef from the Tajima strain of Wagyu cattle, raised in Japan's Hyogo Prefecture according to rules as set out by the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association.[1] The meat is a delicacy renowned for its flavour, tenderness, and fatty, well-marbled texture. Kobe beef can be prepared as steak, sukiyaki, shabu shabu, sashimi, and teppanyaki. Kobe beef is also called Kobe niku (?, "Kobe meat"), Kobe-gyu (?) or Kobe-ushi (?, "Kobe cattle") in Japanese.

Comment Theaters are Expensive (Score 1) 400

With 1.26 billion movie sold, that translates to an average of 4 movies per American, which is more than I see at a theater. I’d really like to know where I can see a movie for an average of $8.15 like the article states; I don’t believe there aren’t any theaters in the Seattle area that are that cheap even for a matinée. If my wife and I are going to go to a movie we usually like to go to the Cinerama in downtown Seattle, which costs $16.50 per ticket. Parking is usually around $25 and we usually get a large popcorn. That’s over $65 for the two of us to see a movie in the theater. In those rare occasions when we do go to the theater we opt for 3D and HFR whenever available since that experience isn’t easily replicated at home. Otherwise we could wait to buy the Blu-ray for $20 and enjoy the movie in the comfort of our own home. Our local libraries even have huge selections of movies and TV shows and get new releases weekly, so I can often check out the latest Blu-rays and DVDs for free long before they’re available on Netflix or RedBox.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 65

It would seem that given the estimate that it was in space for over 5 million years that it could be equally plausible that it came from another planet outside of our own solar system. Given the escape velocity needed for a rock to leave a planet's gravitational pull, an object traveling near that speed could travel quite a few light-years in 5 million years.

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