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Comment Re:just wondering (Score 1) 92

Yes, I can imagine a yellow freight type thing where they pull trailers from one terminal to another over a prescribed route. They already have special laws for them in some areas such as relaxing the maximum length. It seems like the easiest place to get automated trucking started.

Comment Re:The human fund (Score 1) 399

Exactly. The donation is nice, and employees are paid enough that said gifts probably aren't detrimental to them -- although it'll mean more for others like admins, etc. > Alphabet likely would have spent around the same amount of money on its holiday gifts, so it’s not exactly a cost-saving move. In the end, it has nothing to do with keeping the tradition or good will for the business etc. It's a marketing gimmick wrapped in a tax write off given to specific districts chosen by a few elites. Welcome to the Corp.

Unless this donation is something they were planning on doing anyway for PR. Then, it costs them nothing.

Comment Re:Wet paper bag (Score 1) 2837

Yes, I think that's where the pollsters missed. The level of hatred for the Clintons is much higher than they thought. This was my first time voting. I think she really turned out the vote, but not how they thought.

Comment Re:If only there was some possible way to ... (Score 1) 82

They'd also have to invent a way to manage that storage so that pulling the card out would only remove the part of your library you expect, and not cause the damn thing to fail catastrophically. They'd also need a way to avoid hours and hours of manual user processes to delegate a storage location, or to migrate collections of books between locations.

And yet somehow my Nook manages it. I can have my books on my card, swap out the card and give to one of my kids and they magically have kids books.

Comment Re: Price isn't everything (Score 1) 110

Yes, I used to buy a ton of stuff from certain giant computer discount seller. Occasionally I'd have to eat an item like a computer case because the return shipping was more than it was worth. Then for a while I started using both and comparing the prices. After a while I realized I was only using Amazon. Getting hosed on one product wipes out the saving on all the others.

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