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I believe this is an option for a backlit keyboard on some of the models. Prior to this machine I'd been using Mac laptops back to a G4 PowerBook (2004) to a 2011 MacBook (last release pre-retina display). While my current laptop isn't as polished as an Apple, I wasn't looking for one. The screen wasn't a step back (I know from screens I've published in peer-reviewed journals on them) and the keyboard better than the MB Pro -- the speakers are about as good. The major negative is the mic placement on my machine -- beside the trackpad. I think this is a quirk of the model I bought. The touch pad is really nice, more sensitive than the MBP and flush with the body (a nice touch). I was generally disappointed with the 2011 MB Pro on battery/power issues -- the battery life wasn't great and it ran too hot most of the time. Buying a System 76 laptop was the last step on a long road from being an Apple fan who played around with linux to finally embracing linux as good enough for everything I do now. There's a nice touch here or there that I miss or some quirks that I know exist because I've left the walled garden, but I am glad not to be forking over cash for Apple's corporate shenanigans and to be supporting a small company.

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Dedicated hardware sure. But laptops? Especially *good* laptops of a build quality comparable to Macbooks? Please do share your findings, I'm going to need to replace this ASUS eventually...

System 76 has some good options -- I bought one a year back and haven't regretted it. $500 cheaper than a MacBook with similar specs.

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