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Comment Re:Let's look at the dates (Score 1) 404

you look at a SGS and the F700 they are almost identical.

Here is a good comparison of the F700, SGS, and iphone 3G that proves your statement false


I find myself more supportive of trade dress (since copying is meant to confuse the public) and far less so of software patents.

Comment Re:Ain't happening (Score 1) 704

I don't know what mother you're buying, but my 4 year old Asus P5K-E mother board does not have a parallel or serial port. This is fairly normal these days.

From the first page, last paragraph of your linked article.

This board also doesn’t have parallel and serial ports, although one serial port is available through an I/O bracket that doesn’t come with the product.

Parallel is getting hard to find though (not that I'm looking for it).

Comment Re:If the visible hand of government lets go (Score 2) 435

Get your facts straight. Fossil fuels are never subsidized, but instead heavily taxed by the governments.

They are both, subsidized AND taxed. Not everywhere in the same way, though. Did you know the UK subsidizes oil extraction in the north sea? The reason is of course cronyism and corruption.

Corporations are subsidized while citizens are taxed.

Comment Apache2 fix (Score 1) 110

In my view, this should fix the error provided you change TLSv1 to 1.1 or 1.2. We are forced to run SSLv3 on our servers for PCI compliance.

SSLProtocol -all +SSLv3 +TLSv1

Comment Re:hopefully SRT can be more fully advanced (Score 1) 288

This is partly your fault for trusting a company called OCZ with a brand new controller (SandForce) that was only apparently optimized for speed. Be a little conservative and it'll pay off. I'm a happy owner of a WD Sliconedge Blue branded drive in a gaming box and I've been very happy with it. It's no speed demon but it works well. Not sure what SSD came with my imac but needless to say that works fine as well.

Comment Re:MS hate (Score 1) 358

And by the way, IT changes fast in general, no developer can honestly expect to code in the same language from college to retirement. HTML5 - and the languages that you actually write code in like JQuery - are in an extreme prototype state right now, going to change radically several times in the next years before people figure out that they completely screwed up some important paradigms and start parts of the standard from scratch for HTML6. Everyone will have to keep relearning their languages if they want to stay current.

WTF, jquery is not in prototype stage. Prototype is another javascript framework ;).

Comment Re:Dentist appointment next Monday :( (Score 1) 432

Amazingly that behaviour is CCA running correctly. IT can set parameters as to the list of allowed programs. Usually they offer their corporate AV suite for home which is on the CCA approved list for me. I tried running it but it fucked up my Win7 machine and made it laggy.

Went back to using a mac which didn't need CCA. Linux used to be able to connect without CCA too but then IT changed their VPN to some Cisco Java monstrosity (rather than the old Linux module) and I couldn't connect any longer.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 511

You know, while you are technically correct, timeOday has a good point. My old Linux laptop (Toshiba R200 Pentium 733 Mhz) worked almost perfectly with Debian or Ubuntu. Even the little custom buttons worked. However, hibernate didn't work. Well it did if disabled wireless, but the module loading when waking from hibernate always killed the wireless. I'm sure things have gotten better but OSX is just better as far as power management is concerned.

Look at Macbooks when loaded with Windows or Linux vs OSX. OSX works very well with PM. I won't bother mentioning the PM regression in the newest kernel. Fucking Linus and his I don't need a stable tree bullshit.

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