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Comment Re: seaweed taste for cows (Score 1) 283

humans, as well as many other animals, I susprct, typically do not like the feel of gas emission, and it does not interrupt the feeding process as gas tries to go back up the esophagus. Gastric juices damage the esophageal walls.

I doubt that the cows are smart enough to remember that the seaweed gave them less gas, and therefore they should eat that instead. I'm sure the cow will go for whatever tastes the best, if any.

Comment Re:$15-$18 million of real money or FIFA money? (Score 2) 149

For example, $15 million dollars owned by EA.

Unless players can also purchase coins from EA (which I don't think you can do), then they didn't steal $15 million from EA. They sold the coins on the black market to other players who used the coins to get whatever you can get from the EA store. If you google "FIFA Ultimate Team coins" you will find a hundred sites where you can purchase coins.

This is no different than the gold farmers in World of Warcraft, except they found a way to get coins much quicker than you could from gold farming.

Comment Re:I prefer Twitter... (Score 2) 59

Twitter actually serves a purpose other than spreading your vanity. It's a great source to find out "happening now" news and information (understanding much of it is flawed)

I beg to differ. Twitter is superb at showing people's vanity. Why do you think that almost every celebrity has a Twitter account? Do people really need to know what Justin Bieber and Beyonce are up to at any moment? No, but millions of people care about what celebrities are doing, and the celebrities love knowing that millions of people care about what they are doing. Twitter is ego stroking at its finest.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 4, Insightful) 332

Likely, but complaints dropped even when the officer wasn't wearing a camera: "But even more surprising is that the data suggests everyone is on their best behavior whether the cameras are present or not... Officers were randomly assigned to wear or not wear cameras week by week (about half would be wearing them any given week), and had to keep them on during all encounters."

It is also possible that even though an officer was not wearing a camera, they were on their best behavior for fear that another officer who was wearing a camera might show up to assist and capture their bad behavior.

Comment Re:Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss? (Score 2) 250

I'm surprised Comcast hasnt gone after Netflix already.

They have, and been caught. The whole Net Neutrality thing was over this very concept.

I think by "gone after", he means attempt to buy the company to help recover their lost revenue from cord cutters.

Comment Re:Need to do two things (Score 1) 149

Local Municipalities can build out the Fiber Plant, and bring everything back to a COLO facility where ... the competition for the customer happens. The last mile, is owned by the citizens via their local government.

The problem is, this has been tried and failed. The telecom companies and lobbyists are fighting to prevent this from being done for fear of losing their monopoly status.

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