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Comment Re:We worship at the altar of youth here. (Score 1) 347

This is spot on. And I suspect the blame goes around to a lot of different areas:

First of all, business only cares about the $ being spent right now. Because there is no ability to track the cost to fix an error found in the future to decisions made today there is no incentive to think about long term costs other than immediate labor costs.

And there's this crazy idea that more programmers means the work will get done sooner. So if you can get 2 or 3 junior programmers working for the cost of 1 veteran, the spreadsheet says the work will get done sooner (I am not advocating it does).

Then there's our colleges. They teach a language, and all its logic constructs, but they do not teach practical application of those principles. And they do definitely do not work with real life examples (I remember someone taking a programming class taught by an accountant and given code that was not even written in correct syntax that would compile).

It's very frustrating.

Comment Re:Sad its so expensive (Score 1) 128

Dell XPS 13 developer edition, Ubuntu, i7 processor, 16BM almost $1900. Yikes.

These aren't your dad's BMs, these are 16 high quality gold plated BMs. If I were ever going to get BMs from anyone, it would be from Dell. Dell's BMs are the best BMs on the market and let me tell you, there are a lot of BMs on the market. Even Microsoft put their BMs in a box and they can't even pay people to take them! ;)

rofl. thanks for the catch

Comment Re:Problem is antiquated remote controls (Score 1) 234

I was trying to convey that LCD screens allow a much richer UI over fixed buttons. Push button remotes are limited by the number of buttons on the remote. I find it very frustrating to navigate a menu by pressing combinations of pressing menu and exit. And then remembering what the combination is when I switch to another TV.

LCD screen is effectively a GUI. So there are opportunities to make the remote far more functional, even colorful or animated. For example, LCD screen could show very different controls for volume adjustment vs audio configuration.

There is the option of using apps on smart phones and tablets. However, I have found that not all apps work 100% perfectly with all TVs. A missing command or the TV vendor didn't comply completely with IR code standard...things that make apps harder to use.

Others that commented made a great point: tactile feedback. LCD doesn't offer that at all. In the dark, that tactile feed back is critical to finding the right button to press. This is probably the most compelling reason push button remotes remain the standard over new technologies.

Comment Maybe its more about trade offs (Score 1) 630

It seems to me, lots of our "energy efficient" things are trading efficiency in one category for another aspect that is not environmentally sound: CFLs use less electricity and contain mercury; the HE washers use less water and have longer run times (using more electricity); etc. So maybe going to hydrogen as a fuel is not as efficient in one area but gives us an advantage in another area (like less CO2).

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