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Comment Maybe its more about trade offs (Score 1) 630

It seems to me, lots of our "energy efficient" things are trading efficiency in one category for another aspect that is not environmentally sound: CFLs use less electricity and contain mercury; the HE washers use less water and have longer run times (using more electricity); etc. So maybe going to hydrogen as a fuel is not as efficient in one area but gives us an advantage in another area (like less CO2).

Comment Re:I fear for the future of Linux. (Score 1) 172

All good points. To me, it's nothing new. Linux has "always been that way", so to speak. Die hard Linux users and admins will continue to admire, exclaim its superiority, and use it for their main OS. Business will swap directions as the winds blow. Hobbyists will continue to use with passive interest. This has been par for the course for as long as I can remember (for point of reference I started in Unix (ok technically not linux) on the now defunct unix SVR 5). I feel what it means is linux it will continue to hold similar market shares it does, and remain in use in similar capacities.

Comment I suspect you're doomed to failure :( (Score 4, Insightful) 234

" so it'll be tough to build an internal team quickly enough "

This smells of failure. Contractors aren't going to get up to speed any faster than internal resources (sans technology specifics like expertise in a language). Our management tried the same thing: hire contractors for a short term (less than 3 months), hurry up scenario. Except it took a month to interview and get the contractors on site. Much of the 3 months of contractors time was spent to get their environments setup, work with IT to configure permissions and the contractors themselves to learn the complex product enough to contribute. Not to mention the loss of focus of the internal team assisting the the contractors.

I would spend more effort coming up with a realistic plan that has a chance at success rather than trying to meet a date that is not going to be met. Build a plan that includes a mix of internal an external resources. I would include time to hire contractors (remembering that background checks take time) plus all of the other activities that will consume time away from producing the finished product.

Comment its near panic levels (Score 0) 124

drones are bad! that's the mantra and the panic that ensues. I say follow the money and see who stands to gain or lose from drone users (from hobbyists to professional and government uses). There you will find your real motivation for such panic.

I've struggled with how pilots flying at 100+ mph can honestly report sites of hand size drones and consider it legitimate information. I remember a fire fighting pilot being interviewed about how unsuccessful the fire fighting effort was because of drones-- let's see there's smoke, fire, debris, stationary obstacles and everything else and he actually had time to recognize hampered by drones. I think it's panic, fear and just opportunity to blame something new with lots of unknowns, than than realistic (before everyone gets all cocky eyed, I do hold a recreational pilot license which I've had since the 90s, PDK of all places)

That's not to say there is potential for a drone could cause harm. However, I'm sure the panic is driven more by money and control than common sense.

Comment Im not sure I'm buying the premises (Score 1) 325

We have little drone, weighing at most 3lb. And then we have a jumbo jet, weighing tons. The jumbo jet creates all kinds of turbulence and wind eddys. The little drone can barely hold in any wind.

I realize if one of these gets into the engine of a plane it could be devastating. However, being an owner of one of these "drones", I have a hard time seeing one of these ever getting to that point. The higher you get with the drone, the more wind to contend with. Wind and drafts will throw a drone so far out of control it will be like a piece of paper blowing in the wind.

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