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Comment Drone Assassination! (Score 1) 216

I was on the verge of getting concerned about someone possibly using drones to perform illegal assassinations but I realized that a RC quadcopter with a pistol attached isn't anywhere near the threat of the use of government drones in the killing of american citizens without due process.

Possibly any machine can be used to kill or destroy. The real trick is using them to create. Post more videos of that!

Comment Re:Fanboy attack (Score 1) 387

There are other ways to share applications outside the Apple App Store. HTML 5 and Javascript apps aren't restricted in a manner inconsistent with their programming paradigm, best I can tell.

Just because you don't get what you want doesn't mean lions are getting frisky with lambs somewhere.

Comment Re:Cool, but... (Score 0) 280

Thing is, Apple does live up to it. I had a MBP with a defective GPU and Apple replaced it for me.

I don't know the back story about this issue, but it's hard to reconcile what I read on the Internet with what I personally experienced without believing that the entire story hasn't been divulged.

My personal experience trumps your ... anything.

Comment It's all about making a solid product (Score 1, Interesting) 760

I've had things like RAZR flip phones that were held together with screws and after a while they get really loose feeling. My work laptop, a 3 yr old Dell, creaks like a haunted house when I pick it up with the display open. Not my Apple equipment. My 5 yr old MacBook Pro sems as solid today as it was when I bought it. My iPhone seems to be made from a single slab of glass wrapped with a metal band. My iPad 2 is the same way - solid feeling.

Used to be, back when the phone company was broken up, cheap home phone makers were bolting big slugs of metal in the base of their stuff to make it feel solid. Solid is good - ever slam a car door? Cheap cars have doors that rattle. Good ones don't.

People value stuff that stays solid. As long as I can get my stuff fixed, I don't care if it's me that's doing the fixing or someone else. I used to fix my own cars, now I take them in. I can't fix the ECU and have no desire to buy the equipment necessary to be able to do so.

Comment There is no "try" (Score 1) 504

If you want it bad enough, you'll get it.


You'll have to keep at it 'till you get it. You'll have to be willing to get paid less than others who have a better background. You'll have to stick to it through the inevitable round of layoffs of those around you and may even be subject to layoffs yourself, and when that happens, you have to get right back in there and make it happen all over again.

If you never settle for less than what you want, you'll either get it or you'll find a thousand ways you can't get it, and to pharaphrase Edison, your goal is to eliminate the ways that don't work. You'll be that much closer!

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