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Submission + - GAO Report: DoD Incompetent at Cybersecurity (itworld.com)

itwbennett writes: "According to a scathing report from the GAO released July 25, the Department of Defense only started to take cyberwar seriously during the past two or three years, after ignoring warnings for about 2 decades. And when we say, 'take it seriously' we mean 'throw gobs of money at it' — to little effect. 'According to DoD, a large number of intelligence agencies and foreign militaries are actively trying to penetrate our military networks. These networks are scanned millions of times a day and probed thousands of times a day. Over the past several years, DoD has experienced damaging penetration to these networks...[including] blueprints of weapons systems that have already been compromised,' the report said. Even for an organization with the budget and security awareness of DoD, the prospect of having to keep pace with the steady increase in threats from smaller countries and stateless terror organizations is 'daunting,' GAO concluded."

Submission + - $30 will buy an app to strip DRM from your ebooks (the-digital-reader.com)

Nate the greatest writes: A developer out in California has released a set of apps that will remove the DRM from most major ebook formats. They seem to work, but do they really offer anything you can't find with the DRM removal free tools?

So how long do you think it will be until this guy is arrested? Selling the software is a DMCA violation, and he's bound to get caught. Remember Matthew Crippen, who was prosecuted for installing modchips in XBoxes? This guy will be the next big poster child for the feds as the big bad evil hacker.


Submission + - Raspberry Pi $25 PC goes into alpha production

An anonymous reader writes: Game developer David Braben caused geeks to get excited back in May when he announced plans to develop and release a $25 PC. It is called the Raspberry Pi and takes the form of a USB stick that can be plugged into the HDMI port of a display ready to act as a fully-functional PC. Two months on and the spec of the PCB layout has been finalized and an alpha release has been sent to manufacture. Any doubts this PC wasn’t going to happen should now disappear as this alpha board is expected to be almost the same as the final production unit. Although we don’t know a release date as of yet, the Raspeberry Pi Foundation is promising images of the alpha boards in a couple of weeks.
Data Storage

Submission + - SSDs Aren't More Reliable Than HDDs (tomshardware.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Tom's Hardware has the first look at SSD failure rates. The chart on the last page confirms what everyone's suspected from all those SSD recalls and firmware updates — SSDs aren't more reliable than hard drives. And that's from a sample of 155,000 X25-Ms!

Some of the conclusions are kind of interesting. Even though they looked at SSDs in data centers, there was no infant mortality. And SMART data didn't really help predict errors. Another good reason to keep everything backed up I guess.

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