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Comment Re:danger vs taste (Score 1) 630

It doesnt matter for diabetics. If you look at medications like Januvia they increase insulin production. If diet soda cause the body to release more insulin, it would help lower blood sugar since artificial sweeteners does not cause blood sugar levels to rise.

Comment Re: here we go (Score 1) 834

No, you're being a moron. You obviously have no clue how 4chan or 8chan work, or understand the different cultures that make up each of the boards. Claiming either 4chan or 8chan as GamerGate is ridiculous. You're calling him a liar without actually refuting him because you have no evidence. You're no different than anyone else we've talked with on twitter. We've been told we forced women out of the industry except the list given to us if you actually look at what those women are doing they're still in the industry and working. The next claim is we only target women but if you look at GamerGhazi reddit they compiled a list that shows that men are also targeted in equal numbers, if not more. I also bet you'll ignore the fact that BWC, GNAA, SA, and Weird Twitter are all involved as 3rd parties attacking both sides. So yeah, keep going with the ad homs since that appears to be the only play you guys ever seem to do.

Comment Re: Feminism (Score 1) 1134

Thats a myth perpetuated by the thinking that two people in the same position should have the same salary regardless of time and qualifications in the position. Women also make less not because they are paid less but because they tend to leave the workforce to raise children and come back at a later time. All things being equal, typically women are paid more than men.

Comment Re:THESE PEOPLE? (Score 1) 1262

You do realize that she fabricated, misrepresented, and lied about evidence in her videos? It doesnt matter if she was right the fact that she had to do that says she couldnt come up with credible evidence to support her position. You can deny the evidence but it exists. And her "job" was to academically research the question, not have the conclusion before going in and find supporting evidence. I bet you cant even tell me what constitutes sexual objectification in a narrative. I'll give you a hint, it doesnt involve the player at all.

Comment Re: Her work (Score 1) 1262

Ok, so who are the patriarchy? I guarantee you wont have an answer or it will be so abstract that it can encompass everything like some conspiracy theory. I got another one for you. How can you tell if a character in a narrative is being sexually objectified? I guarantee you wont have that answer either.

Comment Re:THESE PEOPLE? (Score 2, Insightful) 1262

Death threats in any situation are inexcusable but she is drawing attention away from her videos and highlighting death threats not to prove her points but to play the victim. Every internet celebrity, especially the controversial ones, receive death threats. I'm not an internet celebrity and I receive death threats on the internet.

Now to the problem, she is trying to be influential in how companies operate and through laws indirectly. She is a radical feminist. She is expressing an opinion as fact because she is implying with her videos that she researched the matter thoroughly on an academic level (you know like without bias, coming to conclusion after examining the sample data and evidence, and not cherry-picking to make things meet the already formed conclusion before the research started). The problem is the audience she is catering these videos to are either dumb or like her and already drew the conclusion to begin with. People who do these things are not harmless, while in this instance her "research" imposes no foreseeable health consequences but it is no different than what Jenny McCarthy has done for scaring people about vaccines.

Comment Re:Simple English Wikipedia will come in handy (Score 2, Insightful) 708

Thats not the problem though. They understand english and know how to look up big words. The problem is that they receive campaign donations from people who have an interest in keeping the status quo. If lawmakers were to pass bills that would attempt to counter global warming on a large scale, these same businesses would have a huge hit to their bottom line. The stupidity of the situation is if we made changes little by little when people started to raise alarms about global warming, we probably could have made the changes without impacting the bottom line too much.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 2) 203

If it were me and my dogs they would be curious and at the door. My german shepherd would be barking at him. If he said for me to "keep a good hold" on my dog. My response would be "He is doing his job, you are not" I dont live in atlanta, but here in Alexandria VA the cops arrested my elderly decorated vietnam vet neighbor for "concealment" of a bayonet. They had 6 cops come and arrest him on the street. The bayonet was in his car and not hidden. They illegally searched his car, even some of the officers refused to do it because they knew it was wrong. He isnt in the best of mobility, because of his health conditions, and they tried to make him lie face down on the ground, which is very difficult for him to do. He was not resisting, although he was talking angrily to them, as expected for something that was bullshit. I watched most of it happening and it was the first time I've seen something like that in person. And the story the cops are telling, even after the report, keeps changing. I grew up in a small town in NJ and I trusted the police officers since everyone knew them and they knew us. Even the state police that I met and have been pulled over by were decent (never got a ticket, only warnings). It was after moving out of that area that I learned that not all police officers are decent and you cant trust them to do the right thing.

Comment Re:I am being stalked and abused... apk (Score 1) 100

And someone forgot to take his meds today...Are you really that dense that you cant tell that the only reason the "impostor" exists because you have a hard time realizing that you are wrong and/or wont let it go. It would take a complete moron to not realize that the whole reason he continues to do it is because he knows he can get you to respond by simply posting. This isnt rocket science, this is internet 101...

Let me offer you some advice on how to get rid of this "impostor"...shutup.

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