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Comment Something I can agree with (Score 1) 703

As long as the feds stay out of regulating Community Colleges, which I know they can't and wouldn't spend a microsecond thinking about not, I would agree.

They would then ruin the best, and last, relatively cheap form of college education. And one that really does it well overall as well as per dollar paid and spent.


Comment Re:And the FCC will do... (Score 1) 316

I responded in the wrong place before, the following should have been here..


The FCC is not controlled by Congress. And the _engineers_ in charge of the commission were replaced by _appointees_ during the Bush administration.

Obama has done nothing to fix this problem. I won't comment on the motives of either president.


Comment Re:RIM never heard of due diligence ? (Score 1) 95

Interesting how these things show up or not depending on how they are handled.

OS9 was the unix like OS released by Motorola in 1979. Built to a tightly coupled OS to the Motorola 6809 processor. Great CPU (mostly 16 bit pretending to be 8) and great OS with a breakthrough version of BASIC that was called BASIC09 and was way beyond what you would expect. You didn't have to use GOTO. You had labels. And lots more.

I assumed Apple bought the name since it suddenly (from my limited perspective) disappeared from the original OS9 world.

And everyone that counts thinks OS9 is Apple.

And I understand.

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