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Comment Re:Less protection for free speech? (Score 1) 383

Actually what's really important is that all the rights in the Canadian charter are limited by this wording:

"The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society."

What reasonable limits are, what demonstrably justified are, etc, are all up to the courts. In the US, your constitutionally protected free speech is supreme. Here, our free speech can be trumped by laws as long as the court feels it's a reasonable restricting. So much for rights, right?

Comment If they're going to be called... (Score 1) 435

If they're going to be called super bugs and super weeds, then we should be called super mammals! I hate this idea they have that the entire world around us should remain static, and this utter surprise whenever our actions have some kind of effect on that world. Holy shit! Stuff evolves and adapts? What!? Nobody told me that weeds and bugs would be adapting! I'm suing!

Comment Re:occam's razor (Score 1) 973

Actually, at 3:46 it really does look like a couple of the guys walking around have an AK-47 and an RPG. Considering the reports of taking fire from this area, it may not be that unreasonable for them to have engaged.

Comment Re:occam's razor (Score 1) 973

Someone was "identified" as being armed with "AK-47's." From the video it looks like the guy was just itching to shoot something... I don't know how you can mistake a camera for an AK-47. Pretty disgusting.

Comment 20-30 (Score 1) 394

When I first moved into my current building three years ago, there was only about 5-10 networks in range. Now I can detect around 20-30.

What's interesting is that probably 85% of them are secured using WPA... and of the ones that are unsecured or using WEP, the signals are too weak to be useful.

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