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Journal Journal: My Introduction! Hello cruel /. World!

I am a complete computer addict. Really more of an information/entertainment addict (Movies, Music, Games (CRPG only for the most part), Magazines (mostly computer and science), and Books (Mostly SF and if you don't know what that is, figure it out ). I have an extreme amount of curiosity about the world around me, and love hanging out with lots of people (I manage to befriend and tolerate even some of the less liked because for the most part I try to overlook the flaws, and be blinded by the qualities). And in opposition to that last line I'm pretty shy and quiet most of the time except when sleep dep makes me ultra verbose (like now).

I grew up in the San Francisco/Bay Area in Berkeley, CA, and have lived from Florida to Anchorage to Barrow since.

Hmm.. Maybe I can make this easy. Check out my badly outdated CLICK HERE For my personal(ly) weird site (most of the links are dead, soon to be replaced by archive.org links) for my bio. I'm also fanatical about politics, but I don't discuss them with people who don't agree for the most part since I think gaps such as that can be bridged with tolerance, and the commonalities in human experience. More of my interests are in the Special Interest Meeting at the bottom of this page CLICK HERE For my users group.

I was also a mega Art Bell Fanatic when he had his show, because I believe he was more of a true skeptic than Noory (his current replacement) which I think led to better interviews.

Something is screwy with the code on the stuff below, plz hover them (or do edit -> select all) to read them until I can get some help on it..

Music: I'm an extreme Karaoke maniac, and an unwelcome number of people have made me abashed by suggesting that I'm actually talented at it. I'm also an extreme perfectionist which sometimes leads to some serious anxiety on my part (mostly after songs) which I hope to overcome by singing nevertheless.

I also am extremely musically eclectic, my tastes range from the 60's to now, and the only genres I listen to very little of are country, bluegrass, jazz, blues, and classical.

Movies: Any SF movies, comedies..
Books: Anything by Bruce Sterling, Orson Scott Card, Anne Rice, William Gibson, David Brin, Cory Doctorow, Walter Jon Williams, and any SF (specifically Space Operas).
Heroes: Dennis Kucinich, Zach De La Rocha, Prince, all my friends and family, Wayne and Jen from the Circle of Hope Drop-In..

More: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=28141679 aka

Also, my under construction freewebs Open Source WoW CLIENT page:

Personal freewebs page (OLD - Ressurect with the wayback machine for most links!)


Journal Journal: Why I like Windows better than Linux

Never noticed this feature before.. Just came in to sign up to get regular email updates on the news from the site.. But Anyways.. IMHO Windoze rules Linux. I just recently starting playing with this Linux Distro called Knopix. It was buggy, quirky, and didn't do a whole lot of useful (smaller) things that Doze handles with aplomb. I gotta admit, I'm no Gates or Ballmer fan. I think they both stole everything they have. The thing is, I'm a pretty hardcore CRPG gamer (I dont play dumb FPS or RTS, I like some depth, complexity, and storyline. Having to actually THINK and puzzle out conumdrums appeals to me also, although I am a massive Diablo 2: LOD fan), and Linux just SUCKS for gamers! Not to mention that despite the fact that it runs quicker because of MS dirty tricks, IE is so much less frustrating time consumption-wise. If only they'd get some stones and add popup blocking like Mozilla and Netscrape. I'd not mind tabbed browsing either. -tao

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