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Comment Re:Clarification (Score 1) 80

That amount of money the city will realize under Google/Earthlink compared to their combined worth is a pittance of what they could make if they used the city-owned fiber network that is already installed and WiFi for the last mile. And they could throw in new computers for all of us to boot. Also, by using this model, the city would get to lease access to large bandwidth clients for 40-60% less than what commercial providers charge. The city is not in the business of making a profit. This would provide small startups with reduced overhead and maximize their venture-capitalist dollars to the real work at hand. The revenue would be far greater and would make the whole operation self-sufficient and provide the needed funds for digital inclusion which is the primary reason to do this in the first place as the Mayor pointed out. But, this Google-Earthlink plan is not interested in that. It is interested in profits and fleecing the residents in the most expensive place to live.

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