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Comment I died laughing when I saw the petition (Score 1) 399

Here is the petition.

Here is the part that made me laugh:

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of us across the world with large 3D Blu-ray collections who have paid literally thousands of dollars / pounds / euros for these disks which we paid a premium for over 2D Blu-ray do not want to lose access to these when our 2016 OLEDs bite the dust.

Yes...I'm sure the manufacturers are going to jump right in and support those HUNDREDS (if not thousands) of people AROUND THE WORLD who want this feature.

Comment Maybe we should call it the Wii U 2 (Score 1) 116

Either Nintendo should produce a console that comes close to the power of the other consoles on the market, or stop trying to sell to console users. They do handhelds well. They should stick to that before they drive themselves to bankruptcy only to prove they don't understand the console market

Comment Re:I have yet to have any problems with Windows 10 (Score 1) 280

Ok...last post, but have you stopped to wonder why people on Slashdot are downvoting you in this?

You're trying to twist this, but it doesn't work. You'd like it to be that I haven't seen a Linux OS in almost 20 years, but I've already shown that I started with Linux about 20 years ago and was developing software for it in 2013. I'd be willing to bet that gives me much more experience with the OS than you will probably ever have.

As far as the difference between operating system and distribution, I will summarize it as follows:

The operating system is called linux. It's mainly the kernel along with its drivers. It's what makes the computer operate...turn on, recognize the hardware attached to it, etc. But, while that makes the hardware operate, there is nothing for that hardware to do at this point. So, you package together a lot of software from different parties to get a full fledged OS that does all the things you expect your computer to do. Now, if you package together all these programs with the linux kernel then turn around and offer it to others (ie distribute it) then you have what is called a linux DISTRIBUTION. It's not a separate operating system. The core is still the linux kernel. But, it is a separate linux DISTRIBUTION.

Now, as far as your android question, you're attempting to create a strawman and put words into my mouth, but we will let answer this one:

Many of you may be unaware of this, but Android is Linux. True, they are not quite the same, but Android is Linux. For example, Ubuntu is "GNU/Linux" while Android is "Dalvik/Linux". If an operating system uses the Linux kernel, then it is a Linux system.

Now, the point he brings up is an interesting one. Richard Stallman is correct on that point: when most of us say linux, we actually mean GNU/Linux. Android may be a version of linux, but it is NOT GNU/Linux.

Comment Re:I have yet to have any problems with Windows 10 (Score 1) 280

What broken products? You claim things are broken, but you don't back up those claims. I use plenty of OSS software under Linux and rarely have problems, so what specifically is broken in which pieces of software?

I get it... I must list each and every bug in some exhaustive reply and, if I don't take the time, they don't exist. Cute.

I gave an example...managing the music on my phone via Playlist and both Amarok and banshee having problems doing so. That was just one instance right off the top of my head. I'm sure everyone here that has used Linux can add a ton more...including you if you were being honest.

And you do, "Tannhaus"? (I'm sure that's your true and legal name, right?)

That's the's not. It's my online identity and you're still too chicken to pin your comments to your Slashdot identity

The difference between distribution and OS is semantics which you only bring up because your argument is so weak. In addition, not all Linux OSes use the same base, so they are "proper" OSes in their own right...unless you think Android and macOS are mere distributions.

Good lord.... no it isn't. They all use the same kernel. The "core" is the same and they build on top of it: just like you don't have Samsung Android, Nokia Android, etc. It's all the Android OS.

So you watch what Netflix and Amazon tell you to watch. Personally I buy the movies I choose on media that I will own forever. I'm not big on subscriptions and rentals, especially on inferior quality internet video streams.

So you buy what the MPAA and stores tell you to buy... see how nonsensical that is? You have the thought patterns of a religious fundamentalist. No one is free and making their own choices unless they're making the choices you make. Otherwise, they're misguided and misled.

My Linux boxes can do more than I need. I guess if you're fifteen years old and need to play thousands of video games, then Windows might be appealing, but I am a grown man with responsibility, family and friends. I simply don't have the time or need to play that many games. What I can currently run in Linux is far more than I will ever be willing or able to get through in a lifetime.

What I do need is a stable, secure PC to do work on. My Linux boxes fulfil that need perfectly while Windows fails.

Hahaha. Oh, that is rich. Try to discredit me because I'm not making the same choices you are. I get it... "free as in beer" and the whole spiel. Use the buggy crap, but convince the people it isn't buggy crap hodge podge together. It's a movement! It's for a greater purpose! Nevermind the fact that's been linux's spiel since way back when it was a decent alternative to Windows 98. It no longer is. It's fallen sorely behind, not enough people fixing bugs and most of the software has stagnated. To do many things, you have to resort to software that isn't even being actively developed anymore. Oh, but not you, true believer...never you.

Comment Re:I have yet to have any problems with Windows 10 (Score 1) 280

If my "choice" is between competing broken products, then what choice do I have? So, the real choice becomes whether to continue choosing broken products or to choose to use something stable that does what I need it to. I made that choice.

You have a cookie cutter knee jerk response to criticism. You also don't have the nads to own up to your own comments, anonymous coward. If you examined the situation objectively, you'd realize a few things:

1. Linux Mint, Manjaro, Zorin, etc. are not different desktop OSs. They are different distributions of the same OS, Linux. Linux is not a desktop OS, but distributions can be geared towards the desktop.

2. All of these distributions share the same buggy software pool. So, no matter which distribution you "choose", your choices in software are limited to the same programs, with the same failings, that you have in every other distro. Sure,some patches are almost always included, but I have yet to find any that concentrate on the type of bug fixes to that software pool that would be needed in order to achieve the quality to make them usable to the vast majority.

3. As far as watching movies, I do so on Netflix and Amazon Prime....something that a google search tells me you're just now getting the ability to do again on linux...because they're finally caving in and working with the DRM. No more having to try workarounds (which incidentally didn't work for me last time I tried...right before Windows 10 came out). So, you only had to wait a few years to watch movies... or you switched to an OS that COULD watch movies.

But it's always something with Linux....some things you have to give up in order to use Linux. Instead of having an OS that fulfills your needs, you tailor your expectations by what Linux can do. Yes, you can choose to do less than everyone else... choose to have more bugs.. or you can choose an OS that actually fulfills YOUR needs.

Comment Re:I have yet to have any problems with Windows 10 (Score 0) 280

Not even with servers... it's a low bar to beat linux on the desktop. Mint seems to be the only one that hasn't gone to hell in a handbasket. Try to do something that is so simple the rest of the OS world takes for a decent program for playing your music. You have amarok, banshee....all these programs with tons of features no one would ever need.... and they have problems doing something simple like oh...playing your mp3s and keeping the playlists on your phone synced... Yes, in linux you have choice! You have to download 5 different programs that are supposed to do the same thing to try and find one that is actually usable for what you want to do. Some choice...

Then, Netflix or other services. The linux crowd likes to blame that all on DRM. Sure, they have DRM. But, guess what? DRM is here to stay. They're not going to remove it because 1% of users want to use an OS that can't handle it. So, linux becomes the choice of things you have to give up in order to run linux...

I could go on and on. I switched to Linux in the Windows 98 days. It had promise then.....and the other OSs left it behind while it floundered.

Comment I have yet to have any problems with Windows 10 (Score -1) 280

Linux, on the other hand, was a buggy piece of crap... You get used to having all the bugs there and I don't know if it's just my perception, but it seems a lot of open source projects don't have nearly enough people squashing bugs. Everyone seems to want to add more features instead of fixing the bugs. I spent some time on a mac and thought I was in heaven, but my wallet wasn't. Windows 10, however... first OS they've done right in a long time.

Comment Re:Independent Contractors (Score 1) 95

Cab drivers are independent contractors in many places...which is probably where Uber got the idea from. I was a cab driver in New Orleans for six years and know for a fact every cab driver you see there is. Their rates are also set by the local government. When gas prices jumped up, they'd have to ask bureaucrats for a price increase....which meant you'd know something in a year or so if you kept asking. I suppose that's the difference they're trying to exploit between the traditional and uber in this scenario.

Comment Cheaper than building from scratch? (Score 1) 325

That's because they use parts that are inferior to what you'd use if you built it yourself. That is NOT a benefit.

I just built a mid-grade gaming PC. Skylake i5-6500, ASUS H170 PRO gaming motherboard, 8 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD, 1 TB WD Blue Hard drive, Antec 650W 80+ gold PS, Bluray burner and a Radeon 7970 with 3 GB.

I built it for $741.

How did I do it? I went on pcpartpicker, researched and made a list of the parts I wanted. I availed myself of the 25% off at and scoured buildapcsales on reddit. I even scoped out new parts on Ebay. In the end, I did not settle at all. I got all the parts I wanted for much cheaper than it would cost to buy a pre-built system with those specs.

Comment Re:PS4 (Score 1) 375

Fallout 4 runs in 1080p with 30 FPS on both the PS4 and Xbox One. Again, frivolous claims that the PS4 runs at 1080 and the Xbox runs at 720 - which is never the case. At most, the Xbox One will drop down to 900P but will benefit from more stable or higher frame rates. The PS4 crowd goes crazy if they lose 1080P, so their frame rates suffer.

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