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Comment Re:Independent Contractors (Score 1) 95

Cab drivers are independent contractors in many places...which is probably where Uber got the idea from. I was a cab driver in New Orleans for six years and know for a fact every cab driver you see there is. Their rates are also set by the local government. When gas prices jumped up, they'd have to ask bureaucrats for a price increase....which meant you'd know something in a year or so if you kept asking. I suppose that's the difference they're trying to exploit between the traditional and uber in this scenario.

Comment Cheaper than building from scratch? (Score 1) 325

That's because they use parts that are inferior to what you'd use if you built it yourself. That is NOT a benefit.

I just built a mid-grade gaming PC. Skylake i5-6500, ASUS H170 PRO gaming motherboard, 8 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD, 1 TB WD Blue Hard drive, Antec 650W 80+ gold PS, Bluray burner and a Radeon 7970 with 3 GB.

I built it for $741.

How did I do it? I went on pcpartpicker, researched and made a list of the parts I wanted. I availed myself of the 25% off at and scoured buildapcsales on reddit. I even scoped out new parts on Ebay. In the end, I did not settle at all. I got all the parts I wanted for much cheaper than it would cost to buy a pre-built system with those specs.

Comment Re:PS4 (Score 1) 375

Fallout 4 runs in 1080p with 30 FPS on both the PS4 and Xbox One. Again, frivolous claims that the PS4 runs at 1080 and the Xbox runs at 720 - which is never the case. At most, the Xbox One will drop down to 900P but will benefit from more stable or higher frame rates. The PS4 crowd goes crazy if they lose 1080P, so their frame rates suffer.

Comment Re:PS4 (Score 1) 375

I disagree. First, You're going to spend more on a gaming PC than you will a console to get a benefit over consoles. Games are tailored to the hardware in consoles. With PCs, there isn't that amount of fine tuning.

But, the biggest point is that you lose out on console exclusives. I have a Skylake i5 and a 7970 to play PC games on and an Xbox One to play console games on. Things like Sunset Overdrive (probably the best Xbox One exclusive so far for someone like me) didn't come out on PC. You also get free games every month with Games with Gold... or the PS equivalent. Then there's the social aspects..

So, there are several reasons that, if you're looking for a console, you should get a console.

Comment Re:PS4 (Score 1) 375

That's ridiculous. First, I don't know of ANY 720p games where they are 1080p on the PS4. The situation you often get is that the games are 900P on the Xbox One, but with a higher and more stable framerate than the PS4. If you can tell the difference between 1080p and 900p, I salute you...because I can't and I game on a 50 inch tv from about 10 feet away.

There are more than 100 games available for both consoles. As far as exclusives, they both have them.

The Xbox One will allow you to watch TV in a window snapped beside your game. It's a better media server. There's a negligible difference in gameplay that you may or may not notice....probably not. It also offers backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games.

The PS4... ok media server... no TV... PS2 not PS3 compatibility...

In the end, it boils down to what you want to do with it and whose exclusives you like the most. The Xbox One will also stream games to any Windows 10 device if you like doing that. I just streamed Gears of War 3 for Xbox 360 for the last couple of hours from the Xbox One in the den to my computer in my bedroom. I bought a separate Xbox One controller for that, but you can use the same one if you want. You just have to repair it every time you switch from one to the other

Comment Re:I went XBox One. (Score 1) 375

My 7 year old loves Viva Pinata via Xbox 360 backwards compatibility. She also plays several of the other games in Rare Replay. She loves LEGO Marvel Avengers as well as a few other lego games. They just added all the Sonic the Hedgehog titles to backwards compatibility as well, so I'll get those for her soon. There are plenty of games on the One for seven year olds....not so much a 4 year old.

Comment Xbox One if they're kids (Score 1) 375

Get them an Xbox One and spring for a copy of Rare Replay. They'll have fun for months.

If you were just talking about older teenagers, I might say a PS4. But, the Xbox One has growing backwards compatibility and more and more games for kids. A PS4 might have slightly better graphics, but really you don't notice the difference while playing and, if graphics mattered THAT much, you'd be getting a PC instead of a console anyway. But, the Xbox One is much better for media AND offers backwards compatibility with a growing number of 360 titles. I have a seven year old and the Xbox One is great for both of us. We also run the TV through the HDMI passthrough, so you can actually watch TV WHILE playing a game or whatever else...just snapping the windows side by side.

Comment not in your face (Score 1) 181

I like Windows 10. It's the Windows that finally made me switch from Linux. 8 was a travesty. 8.1 was barely better. Windows 10 made a good desktop which didn't make you wonder if you were supposed to be on a tablet. I have a new i5-6500 with my OS on a SSD, so it took about 10-20 minutes to download and upgrade. It seems to boot faster, but honestly, if I didn't have a list of things that had changed, I wouldn't have noticed it. It didn't change my app associations, didn't mess with my OpenSuse Leap dual boot... things go on as before.

Comment They say that now... (Score 1) 230

But the only way digital only will work is if Sony goes along too. If not, then all the people who hate digital only will start choosing the competition and they'll have to backpeddle again.

I own an Xbox One. I've picked up several games through Amazon, Best Buy, Target, etc. that were on sale for $20, while the digital versions were still full price. Then, I played them through and sold them on eBay for what I paid for them or, at most, a $5 loss. I don't like multiplayer and don't like playing games I've already finished. So, a physical disc is a perfect medium for me. Taking the ability to sell it after I play it away from me is a huge price gouge.

Comment I was a cab driver in New Orleans (Score 2) 159

We were used to getting brushed by hurricanes. We were used to them turning at the last minute and missing us. I felt completely safe in New Orleans when Katrina was coming ashore. I worked driving the cab even when Katrina started home with a quarter tank of gas. When it started in full force, I sat in my den. I knew we were screwed then, but did not realize how bad it was going to be. I sat, drinking a fifth of rum as Katrina peeled the entire back wall of the house of the den walls, board by board. There was nowhere to run. It was too late. When it ended, I was sitting in the den looking out into my back yard.

The next morning when I left the house, it looked like something out of a post-apocalyptic video game. Wading through the water that came that day left my body covered in sores. I stayed there for 4 days until I was able to get out....and didn't get a full meal until I left. We saw Red Cross trucks drive by, but they never stopped. The same with police and military vehicles. I decided the options were a. starve b. leave.

Now, I live in another state. I was renting in New Orleans. I own a 3 bedroom house now. I lost just about everything in Katrina. That storm has forever divided my life into pre-Katrina and post-Katrina. But, I'm in a much better place now than I was before, simply because I had to start again from scratch and could not rest on my laurels.

Comment Re:Easier? Cheaper? Depends (Score 1, Insightful) 233

You obviously haven't spent too much time in linux or do it with rose colored glasses. Someone below posted about's my favorite from opensuse:

and Debian is a joke between me and my friends because of this kind of thing:

Comment Re:Easier? Cheaper? Depends (Score 1) 233

"I've seen some mighty capable hobbyists and some downright retarded experts."

Yes, but which are you more likely to see: an expert who can't do his job or a hobbyist who can't do the job of an expert? For every capable hobbyist out there, there are 20 out there who think they could handle a project like this because they installed Ubuntu on their laptop and set up an FTP server for their friends to share things. They networked to their sister's computer, so they have networking down pat too... Now, do you have the 1 or the 20? If money and a business are riding on this, it's not a reasonable choice to make.

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